Last Call for ZG!

Well through the grapvine it is told that ZG is going away….so it’s been a mad dash for everyone who want their Tome of Polymorph:Turtle, the ZG tiger, Raptor Mount, or easy ZG rep.

My Thoughts on this matter.

Tome of Polymorph: Turtle – I didn’t raise fishing to  a point where I could get this, and the only reason I would want it is to make hella mad money off it. Other than that as an old school mage, it’s a sheep or it’s nothing. 

Tiger Mount – As Horde this would be an awesome mount to get, Come on Hot Blood Elf Chick on a Huge Pussy Cat. It’s stuff dreams are made of.

Raptor Mount – Not as sexy for Horde, but Alliance it’s the Bee’s Knees….I never seen her knees, I’m sure their nice.

ZG Rep – For the Achievement whores, and tier set mongers fricking coins, and rep items rain from the sky in that place.  I hear though this isn’t totally going away, there will be other ways to get rep.

From what I hear ZG is going to be converted to just an outdoor area, as for the goodies I have a theory…. 

Prediction : With the success of the 25.00 dollar Sparkly Pony, don’t be surprised in Cataclysm if we don’t see if not these mounts, and item in the store, or one similar to them.

3 Responses to “Last Call for ZG!”

  1. The game is crap now. They should destroy all of the old world and make it new. You know, like a old caddy with new paint job. Oh and raise the level cap by only 5 so none of the end game Northrend raids are obsolete. Then the game would be perfect. That would make me resubscribe.

  2. I think that the guild reputation might be a good thing for guilds now who experience the guild jumpers. Of course, that might be my fantasy talking.

    As for ZG, I made a mad rush to get my exalted rep. Now, if the mounts will just drop…

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