Weekly Lagout

WoW – Some Old School fun, mixed with some new school heroics. Gold market has been really wierd. I’m going to write some gold making stuff next week. 

APB – Man I really feel bad for everyone involved in this game. I really loved the concept, and played it for a bit. It wasn’t a horribad game. I played horribad, and this wasn’t it.  I loved my little asian girl, with a huge gun…but alas I wasn’t fast on the draw. Well here’s an interesting read from RPS…

LOtRO –F2P now….Meh…too many carebears roaming around.

Pirates of the Burning Sea – I didn’t want to play it when I paid for it, doubt I would want to play it even if they PAID me, let alone it be being free. If I wanted to play a game with awesome ship combat, and lacklust Avatar stuff, I would be playing Star Trek Online.

High Latency Love

Gamers helping Gamers – We as gamers, no matter if you play FPS, or MMO, from Angry Bird to Zork. We share a common thread, we are sometimes ridiculed for our hobby, whether it be the immature slander, geek classification, or downright disdain for our love of this form of entertainment. Brian Wood was struck down by a drunk driver in the prime of his life.  I ask you to help a brother out, and give a little something. As a gamer I love giving back to the community that has so enriched my life over the years. I wish Brian’s wife, and baby the best, and You guys will be in my prayers.

Story here…

Donate Here…

Bootae loves his hate mail, and I had to laugh, cause well I get a fair share of mine, so I know right where he’s coming from…

Something Funny….

This is why I don’t play FPS that much anymore…

A little mission I started on Twitter, I’m calling premature ejaculation, APB now.  For Example – “Man I don’t know what happened, you were rubbing all over me, and then I APB’d all over myself, well I’m done, night”   Need further reference watch this…

With that…


2 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. That is a sad story. I didn’t know him or his work but I still donated. He was real man and saved his loved ones. I hope the other lady is hung for killing 3 people. It’s the law not to drink and drive for a reason. You think you are all hot shit drunk, but behind a wheel you could leave an unborn baby fatherless. Just pissed me off people are so selfish when the get drink. There is no need to take 3 people away from their family.

    • I am guilty of doing this myself in my youth, now I know it just isn’t worth it. If you get drunk, take a god damn cab.

      20 dollar cab ride > DUI, damages, loss life, and assorted other problems.

      If you can’t afford a ride home, you shouldn’t be spending your money on beers, or do what I do find a friend who lives near the bars. 🙂

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