Old Skool

So last night me and couple guildies had some Old Skool fun.

First a hunter, and my pally went to ZG to try for the mounts. No luck there, but it’s sad just how powerful the Pally class is, my mage would never be able to take the beating that my pally takes. My partner left, and I passed the serpent boss, I was like what the hell. I rocked his world, and made bout 20 gold for 5 seconds work.

Then I got on the mage, and the hunter, and a pally came along and we did AQ20. Man that brought back some memories. Man some of those bosses still hit like a asston, like Buru , holy crap.  If you kite him around though and hit the eggs, he ain’t that bad.  Found this little guide if you want to solo it…. The gold to time put in ratio isn’t that good, so I won’t be back. I got my Achievement..I’m done there.

Then we went to BWL….I spent most of my later time of Vanilla in here. Like 4-5 days a week for over a year. Man it brought back some memories. The strats involved with this you can’t really solo, not that I know how. We went with Pally-Healer, Bear-Tank, Me- Awesome Mage, and a Hunter.

Razorgore – We tried to just kill him, and be done with it…You can’t. After we killed them we all just suddenly died, you should have heard vent. We were like WTF??? You have to kill all the eggs first.  Also I don’t know if it’s a bug, or what but after we killed Razogore the mobs that spawn just kept coming, and coming…Think there is a certain number of them you do have to destroy.

Vael the Corrupt – Straight DPS fight, I went Arcane, (I usually run around in my Frost spec, and only raid as Arcane). Death happens, Vael puts a buff on you, and the end you automatically die when it ends, so if you go with not many people your screwed.  This fight is an Arcane Mages wet dream. Then he slaps on the buff, it gets better. You can cast almost instantly, and no worry about mana. Just make sure you ice block before you die, cause I forgot…and I don’t even know if Iceblock will get rid of the buff…it should.

We had to call it here cause it was getting late. It was really cool to take another look at these places. Not to mention in BWL, for four people we got 40+ gold for each boss…not bad at all.

I love just having some fun with guildies, doing old content, and remembering old time. Here’s something really Old School, a little Rapwing Lair

2 Responses to “Old Skool”

  1. LOL, love the picture of Ice Cube.

    I loved the older content in WoW, although in many cases they weren’t “old” to me, I started playing WoW, towards the end of Burning Crusade, and have taken a few long breaks along the way (at least 4 months each time and I’m currently on my third break).

    I would have loved to gone on many of the older raids with people, but many I knew weren’t interested. I did slip into Kara with a Horde buddy. I was going for the Mongoose enchant, 100% drop rate now. It was just myself and a highly talented, geared, slightly OP Pally buddy. My Paladin had just turned 70.

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