I’m balls deep in my first week of WoW sobriety. I’m sleeping more restfully, breathing easier and I’m tasting flavors in foods that I haven’t enjoyed in years.

Wait. Nevermind. That’s what happened when I quit smoking cigarettes.

Actually, my WoW sobriety has been fairly uneventful. I managed to join a fail pug group on my last night of play with a tank and raid leader that sounded like Justin Bieber. It was just the kind of playtime I needed to usher me out with no regrets.  

But yeah… I’ll admit it, I’ve found myself wanting to play. I even tried to login once to see if I could. Like the WoW gods were going to raindown some free prepaid game time… riiiiight.  


I want some crack!

WoW is addictive. We’ve all heard of it referred to as World of Warcrack. I decided to do a little research to see just how true this is. I’ll be taking some direct quotes that I’ve gathered from Crack Addiction helpsites and we’ll see how much it sounds like WoW Addiction. (I’m assuming I may be getting a phone call later from my work’s Advice and Counsel department regarding “any drug addiction problems myself or a family member might be facing.” – Well worth it.)

Crack addiction can be either social or solitary. Although it is not a party drug like ecstasy or crystal meth, people often gather to smoke it in crack houses. Conversely, people who are using crack in an attempt to escape depression or other mental illnesses will often smoke it alone.

 WoW addiction can be either social or solitary.  Although it has party chat, it is not something that is typically played during a house party – however, people do gather to play it  in the case of the LAN party.  Conversly, people who are awkward in social situations or have severe mental issues are allowed full anonymity in WoW and are able to embrace their true douchebaggery using the fabled “Trade Chat.”

Usually, a great deal of time is spent in activities necessary to get the substance. The user may begin to take time off work regularly, disappear frequently on mysterious errands, or make excuses for going to the bank, the pawn shop or particularly low-end neighborhoods. In the house, they may “secrete” themselves in the bathroom or the basement, claiming to have ailments or to be working on projects.     

Usually, a great deal of time is spent raiding in order to get the appropriate gear.  The player may begin to take time off work regularly, disappear frequently into his gaming den or make excuses for going to Target to obtain more prepaid playtime.  He may even risk going to the Target on the northside.  In the house, they may “jizz” themselves into a gaming room covered in powerbar wrappers, empty 5-hour energy bottles, doritos bags and mountain dew cans – claiming to be so close to downing the Lich King, if only they could find a disc priest worth a damn at dispelling ailments.

When a user is on crack, one will notice an increase in talkativeness and energy. The user will discuss grandiose plans or embark on often unachievable projects. When the high wears off, they will become irritable, easily angered and sleep excessively. They usually have no appetite and lose weight quickly. Personal grooming declines.

When a user is playing WoW, one will notice an increase in leet speak and hand speed.  The user will discuss grandiose plans like hitting the gold cap or embark on often unachievable projects like The Insane title.  After feeling the high of pwning noobs in one BG, if the next one is not as successful they will become irritable, easily angered and litter battleground chat with blame and curse.  They usually have no appetite (aside from the aformentioned gamer grub) but suprisingly do not lose weight quickly.  Personal grooming declines.


I think it’s fair to say the similarities are a bit scary.

7 Responses to “WoWddiction”

  1. There was a MMO documentary called Second Skin, have you seen it? It had some addicts on there. If not Netflix it, might be on Hulu too.

    Interesting watch, not representive of the gaming community I believe, but interesting none the less.

    With that being said, have I ever taken off JUST to play a game…no, but I have taken off cause I needed to get the fuck away from my job, or i would diembowel someone….and I happened to play the game all day to relax. When the expensions come out, I do take a day off to do a bit of leveling.

    I do have an addictive personality though, and I really get near the border with WoW…but the day I turn down sex for a game like I hear some dudes do, thats when I check myself into rehab..or the morgue cause I’m dead.

    • I rarely get sick or take off from work, but a few months ago I woke up one Tuesday feeling like crap. Of course it was a day of a new patch and the servers were not back up until later in the evening. FML. 🙂

  2. *sniffles ( really I have a cold atm) they don’t call its world of warcrack for nothing. There was an article floating round a while back that the same pleasure centres for drugs are activated when you play games. But then apparently bargin shopping with coupons is also as exciting to the brain as watching p0rn – so i think they might make some of this stuff up. I have long blamed a reason for blogging/reading other blogs on extending the addiction to times I have been unable to play. Goodluck with the break.

  3. Change WoW and crack with porn and you have 90% of male population

  4. […] found it fascinating the secret life of female gamers.  and there unique set of […]

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