R.I.P. R.P.

So I think everyone who even casually knows me, knows I hate RP.  I think it has no place in WoW, and you know what I think secretly Blizzard is on my side.

Is RP dead?

No not really, but I think it’s dyeing.  People are keeping it on life support, and I think as we head into Catalysm alot more of the number will drop, then an influx of noobs might go along way to kill it.

What is killing RP….

1.Creation of LFG tool – that hampers getting to know people. The LFG tool has eliminated the fact that you use to have to talk to people to find groups. The less social interaction the better.  Less social interaction means less chance for the RP’ers to open their trap.

2. The Pornshire Police – When Blizzard starts policing those damn ERP’ers it will scare alot of them away I would hope. ERP’er make a majority of the RP’ers up. Their like the Cockroaches of the RP world, toss a light on, they go running for under the fridge.

3. The Elitists RP’ers. – Alot of infighting with the RP elite, hurt their cause. I don’t like to mention names, but It’s there. The Elitists themeselves are destroying RP with their holier than though Elitist attitude, and I love that.

Things in Cataclysm, that I hope help destroy RP….

Worgen– I think the type of player that this race will attract isn’t going to be the one’s that like to RP. I think they will rip a hole into RP literally, more so than Deathknights.

Crappier Lore – As the thread of Lore gets more stretched,and twisted… this will sour the old guard. Old maxim of severing the head, the rest will die I think is ever so true here.

People being too busy to RP – You got to level, farm, and new raids. People won’t have time to sit around an Inn, and talk about good the fake food is.

Will Cataclysm be the death knell for RP, I don’t know….but here’s to hoping.

5 Responses to “R.I.P. R.P.”

  1. I do think it is mainly because of the LFG tool and a ton of checklists to check off in WoW. With the achievement system, it caters to selfishness and extreme time budgeting to get it all done people don’t have time anymore to sir around telling stories. The gear and rep grinds alone keep people overly busy. You throw in achievements and daily quests, you no longer have time to dry hump a pink pig tailed gnome in Goldshire.
    I don’t see any future games catering to RP either. It has become the norm to push players to the next level. You stop to cop a feel and you are passed over for the next raid. RP in MMOs is dead. The few holding on will get frustrated an quit soon enough out of frustration.

  2. Sheeyit, RP ain’t dead. I play plenty of roles.

    I got me a sword+board dps tank, lifetap healer, single-target ranged dps w/pet, aoe melee dps, support and utility healer, and a single-target stealth melee dps toon. That’s plenty of roles to play on any give day of the week.

    I’m totally down with humping pig-tailed gnomes though. Little bastards have it coming to em anyways.

  3. I know this post is 2 years old, but I totally don’t get what you got against other players RPing. It doesn’t effect you (except maybe the eyesore that is Goldshire; but, Hell, stay off the RP realms then).

    And I guess you were wrong about Worgens. And the time issue. Farming and leveling have never been easier.

    But really, why? Tweet a reply to @fried_brice, because I really want to know.

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