Going back to where I started…well sorta

Jong just asked me about being a Prot Pally. It’s true I reached 80 on my Prot Pally I started way back when, and I am gearing her up. (Yes she is a female toon, because if you remember I started her for my little gender experiment )

A little brief history of this game, I took up tanking in Vanilla cause my guild needed a tank. I played a Prot Warrior, though I always had a Mage toon, and played him as well. The Tank was always my main, until near the end of BC, when I got burned out on Tanking.  Tanking was sometimes stressful because everyone was looking to you for leadership. I grew weary of that. I just wanted to stand in the back, and make sure my aggro didn’t go through the roof.

Well I’ve been missing tanking, and looking at crotches. I started the Pally because of their versatility. I have to tell you the truth, I do love tanking on them. It’s alot easier than being a Vanilla Prot Warrior, and it’s not a pain to grind mobs solo. When I had to farm on the Prot Warrior, I just got sour.  

Some Random Thoughts…

1. Gearing up is costing me a asston of gold. Though it’s well worth it,  I’m sitting at 4.4k on fail gearscore, so I’m getting there.

2. It’s great I can actually do alot of the BC dungeons solo now, not like the mage where ramparts was pretty much the limit.

3. I wish there were more shields in the game, or at least cooler graphic ones…where’s my old Flaming Skullshield.

4. I bought some honor commendations with my stonekeeper shards, when I turn them in the my blood elf female does this little shimmy dance, I thought it was funny.

5.  The LFG tool is really cool as a tank, fast queues are awesome…as dps not as cool. 30 minute queues….not so good.

6. People love hot blood elf tanks more than ugly undead mages….so it seems.

7. No portal spam for the win. You just don’t know how sick I am to walk into Org, and get 3 whispers, “Can Iz gets a port to Dal?”

8. 5k for epic flying, don’t think I’ll be getting that just yet.

9. Pally Tanking even though there are some differences, it’s really cosmetic. Alot of the same principles with the rotations and such.

10. I enjoy the nervous feeling I get when I encounter a new boss again, since I know alot of what I’m doing as a mage, it’s kind of nice to get those butterflies again.

Overall I really am enjoying my pally alot, but the mage isn’t hung up for good. Brought him out for a little raiding Saturday. I blew some shit up….way up.

4 Responses to “Going back to where I started…well sorta”

  1. Do you seriously get asked for portals a lot? I honestly cannot remember the last time I was ever asked for a portal by anyone other than a guildie’s latest alt.

  2. I’m one of those people who’ve asked for portals on my lowbie toons, I have always tipped them at least 20G though. They didn’t have to do it, really appreciated when they did. A few were shocked that I actually paid them.

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