Better late than never.

Yeah, so here is my Thursday post… coming at you with 2 hours to spare.

We had the auditors at the Bank this week.  It is always the absolute worst.  I feel totally drained and I’m so happy that it’s over.  It’s not an excuse for my tardiness, but an explanation of sorts.

Anywho, onto video game related matters:

My WoW prepaid time ends on September 12, and I am going out with a bang.  Pretty much every “project” I have been working on in-game has come to completion in the last few days.  Allow me a few pixels here to brag:

Last week I finally finished my Netherwing rep and got my mount. I went with green cause it matches my Blood Elf eyes. I am sad that the booterang is no more.

This Saturday, after many failing attempts throughout my WoW career, I finally found a group that was able to complete "For The Horde." As an avid PVPer this is one achievement I had been wanting for some time and I'm happy to have under my belt now. Really all it took was an excellent tank, 2 excellent healers and 3-4 excellent DPS. The rest were a bunch of scrubs that got carried, but hey... isn't that what WoW is all about?

Yeah yeah yeah... this isn't really all that special. Anyone with half a brain and an hours time can complete the Echo Isle questline. But this just tickled me. FOLLOW ME TROLL PATROL!!!

I'm sad to see my time in Nagrand ending. I really loved the PVP opportunities that consistently popped up while farming rep here.

No Aged Yolk this time!! Finally... my most desired mount, hatched in my bag. I have done /mountspecial atleast 30 times.

So what’s left?  Hmmm… nothing really.  I have no rep that I am currently farming, no mounts I’m trying to get…. I think it is an appropriate time for me to say goodbye to WoW for a while.

Why am I adamant about unsubscribing?  I am addicted to WoW.  I need to know I can go without it.  Plain and simple.  I will be back for Cataclysm, I assure you.  But for now, we are gonna see what it is like going without.

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it’s yours forever.



9 Responses to “Better late than never.”

  1. You’ll be back….

    They all float down here…..

  2. “If it doesn’t come back, HUNT IT DOWN AND KILL IT.”

  3. Legolas4Life Says:

    Sometimes they don’t come back. The last thing about wow I remember was walking down some road with Riv. We were chatting about the adventure we had just been through. We saw a dead body. Then, he said, “I’ll see you.” To which I replied, “Not if I see you first.” His character went on to become a Level 80 whatnotorrather. Then, one day, he entered a pub in Origrimmar. A fight broke out between two Taurens. Riv, tried to break it up, but was stabbed in the throat. He died almost instantly. Although, we haven’t grouped together in years. I know that I’ll miss him forever.

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