Echo Isles Liberation

Well we must be drawing near to Cataclysm, cause the devs are ramping up the live events.

So I got an in-game mail from a troll. Ya mon, the trolls need your help taking back the Echo Isles…. So here is what it entails, and then give you my thoughts.

What you need to do…

1. Go to Senjin Village.

2. Talk to someone and fetch frogs. (Good Luck with this one since, everyone and their mother are here)

3. Ride a bat and toss frogs.

4. Become a Were-tiger, and fight a tiger.

5. Talk to someone, and watch a dance.

6. Join a huge battle against the evil of Echo Isles.

What you get…

An Achievement, some gold about 60, which is good for the time invested, and an item that turns you into a troll.

My Thoughts…

I don’t know I thought of something a little more epic. Catching frogs really?  The battle was a little cool, but the dialogue was pure stupidity, and when these mask “spirits”  joined the fight, I was like, “GTFO” from the sheer moronic of it.

I think they could have done a better job, and this little bit has me a tad frightened as to what Cataclysm will bring to the table.

12 Responses to “Echo Isles Liberation”

  1. Mason Cook Says:

    yeah I agree with you , I thought it would be a lot better. more of an ‘epic’ event if you will. it was the same with Operation Gnomeragan. They just left you wondering if that was all there was :S . It’s seems a tad rushed to me. And considering how long we have been waiting for these events to take place it felt a tad fail. But I have to say, being in the beta myself, I think Blizz has done quite a good job with it so far ( with what we have actually seen).

  2. from what i hear there is more to come from the event……. Could be wrong. Oh and dont be worried about cataclysm, what i have seen in beta has been fantastic. And yeah imo its not far off bein finished bar slight polish and instance/raid testing.

  3. Ok, I absolutely loved this! Probably because being a late-to-the-game player of WoW I never got to participate in these type of world events before. The last I heard of something like this was in the beginning of the burning crusade when everyone and their mother was starting DK’s and partcipating in the events together.

    Coolest parts:
    1.) the 4 hour cooldown Troll Warrior transformation. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

    2.) Feat of Strength Achievement.

  4. Wow, stupidly unepic quest

  5. Grimmtooth Says:

    It astounds me at how often people expect Blizz to up their dialog game when they have shown an unerring incapacity to write and implement good character dialog. Other than the cinematic to WotLK, and that was probably an outside job.

    Just goes to show how much cheese we’ll endure for the chance to blow crap up.

  6. […] whilst some are underwhelmed by its content all I can say is its about friggin […]

  7. The Pre Lich King one was pretty good with the Zombie invasion, and the attacks on Ogrimmar and Stormwind. I also liked the random invasion points with the loot they gave out. I still have my personal palidan trinket in the bank: I like when people ask where I got it. I also loved the throw down fight that Thrall had.

  8. Event was lame. Convert to a troll warrior thingie is cool. Maybe the event would be cooler when things cool down and there are less people milling about. I couldn’t even see what was going on. The fight for the undercity line gave me high hopes, but they were dashed here…

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