Rape isn’t a good thing.

I think we can all agree I am no Feminist, heck I am probably one chromosome away from being a Neanderthal. There are words though in the english language that in it’s meaning and intent are spoken to drive a dagger home so to speak.

There was an article that was in EGM this month that got me thinking about it, and I came across these posts, that really led me to move on this topic.  This is not a man, or a woman issue. 1 in 33 men are raped, or sexually molested. So I know alot of guys scream it’s the feminists whining about our male dominated game culture. It isn’t.

This is an issue with our society, and it’s a bigger issue with the gaming community in general.  I hear my little teenage nephew scream through his Xbox live, “I just raped you!”, or “BAM, you just got raped son”. To him it’s just a word. It means he just totally destroyed someone.  To me it’s more than that. Having been through the prison system where the danger of being raped is constant, or when I walked the halls of a battered womans shelter where alot of women were not just beaten, but raped.

Gaming in itself is filled with violence, so I understand there will be violent words attached to it. Words, like murder, own, kill, destroy, etc…etc.  Which is odd I don’t take issues with that. Rape on the other hand is not only a violent word, it’s an act used since the dawn of time, not only as a violent act, but to denigrate that person.

Personally I don’t use the word in my normal rhetoric, like I don’t use alot of other words, not because I’m some uptight person, it’s because even though it’s just a word, there are bad and terrible acts associated to that word. It brings up horrible images in my head, ones that not only I seen but lived through.

Forgive them…for they know not what they do.

I think it’s just alot of Gamers aren’t bad , evil or maleific. I think it’s just what is normal, or expected of them. Sometimes the “normal” thing isn’t the right thing. I think Germany learned that lesson the hard way.

Young gamers  don’t understand the real history, concepts, or the damage of rape.  I think it’s up to us the older gamers to step forward and not put up with ignorance, and that is all this is, it’s pure ignorance.  

There is a part of a quote that I love, that I read long..long ago, so long I forgot the author.

“There are those that know not, and do not know they know not…they are ignorant – teach them.  There are those that know not, and know they know not…they are fools – shun them”  ` Author Unknown

So next time you scream over vent that you raped that boss, think about what your actually saying, and promoting.

14 Responses to “Rape isn’t a good thing.”

  1. Great post! Thanks for that.

  2. Thanks for the great post. I’ve been complaining forever about this word in gaming culture. As a person who had to deal with childhood sexual interference, every time I hear it, I wince. 33 years later and that word and what it represents, still stings.
    Interestingly, in my city they said that sex crimes are up 21%! That’s so huge of an increase. Maybe the general acceptance/attitude towards words like rape have something to do with this.??

  3. “So next time you scream over vent that you raped that boss, think about what your actually saying, and promoting.”

    I do agree that the casual use of the word “rape” can certainely be offensive and it’s casualization should never have occured. However, when I hear someone use this word in vent, or if I see it typed during a BG I don’t think that person is promoting rape – atleast not its sexual definition. The word rape has become gamer jargon, and it’s definition is to own/pwn another character or NPC.

    Is it good that a word that is used to describe such a terrible event (sexual abuse) has now come to mean something else? Of course not. But it has happened.

    Just like the world “cool” no longer means “a mix between warm and cold” this word has taken on a new definition.

    Choosing to not use it… or even to go a step further as Apple has suggested are good ways to try and prevent the word from being used.

    • edit: “cool” no longer JUST means “a mix between warm and cold”

    • So what are your thoughts on the word Fag?

      • Well Fag is sort of the opposite side of the spectrum in a way.

        It’s origins are from a British word “faggot” meaning “a bundle of sticks.” I also have heard it used to mean a cigarette.

        In the early to mid 20th century in the US is where it started to get it the negative connatation in reference to a homosexual male. In this case we see where a word has completed changed its meaning and has become derogatory to our ears. I think “Fag” is innappopriate to use if you are going to be using it in a homosexual male bashing way. If you are British and referring to a cigarette than the intention behind the word is pure and is acceptable to me.

        To go a step further with the word “rape” to… we all immediately think it refers to forced sexual assualt but the word itself defines several different ways:

        I think it truely comes down to the intention behind the word… the intention of the person behind it’s verbalization.

    • In my opinion, there is a difference between the “cool” example and the “rape” example in that there are levels of social acceptance/understanding as well as severity to consider.

      “Cool” has meant “hip” or “rad” or “fashionable” for decades now. This definition has been in the dictionary for a long time, and either definition is generally accepted in society at large.

      On the other hand, while the use of the word “rape” to describe the destruction of rainforest, for example, is a correct use of the word, the use of “rape” in a gaming context is, to my mind, a cause for concern. I would say that, when someone uses the word in chat, on vent, Xbox Live, etc., they’re probably not thinking about “destroy the rainforest”-rape. They’re referencing a word that describes a heinous sexual crime, and because it is such a strong word, it trumps old-hat words like “destroy.”

      It is a word that, because of the severity what rape means in society, can do a lot more damage than is intended. Does that person who types out “haha, you got raped!” in chat mean to hurt the other person? I don’t think so… however, unlike the use of other words (pwn, own, kill, destroy, crush) that are used frequently in modern culture (particularly in sports and gaming), rape still means rape, and if the person on the receiving end of the trash talk has been affected by rape in his/her life, the “innocent” jibe could end up hurting that person in a very real way.

      Great post, River. I like what you said at the end, about teaching our young. I couldn’t have said it better!

  4. I couldn’t agree more. I am a woman. But am no where near a feminazi type or a prude. But I cringe every time I hear that word tossed around in a casual, gaming atmosphere. That one word holds more power to bring a complete and utter feeling of loathing to me than almost any other word. I also worry that the younger culture is becoming desensitized to the nature of this word and the horrific act associated with it.

  5. I admit, I’ve used this in throughout my gaming days knowing fully well the full magnitude of the word. =/

    For this, I apologize, I will try to shoot straighter in the future.

  6. […] on trade channels and the ease with which some PvP players talk about raping their opponents.  (Rivs discussed this in a post yesterday, and also linked to appletellsall who makes a poignant call for people to challenge this […]

  7. I must admit, given some of the previous exchanges I’ve seen you have on some topics, this is not a post I ever expected to see from you. I’m glad you’re talking about it – male rape is not talked about enough, it’s brushed under the carpet and it shouldn’t be.

    Well said.

  8. I refuse to play with people that say rape in gaming. To me they are as stupid as the ones the commit the crime

  9. Over time I’ve disassociated the word “rape” used in gaming from the actual meaning of the word. Unless someones uses it excessively, I don’t bother correcting people.

    What does annoy me though, is when gamers don’t know WHY inappropriate use of the word “rape” bothers so many people.

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