A Magecation

So my little pally girl is now all grown up and 80…I outfitted here with some token gear, and stuff off the AH.  She is def capped at 540+, now I just got to work on the holes of her gear, most of it is around 200, or higher. I think the biggest thing is her trinkets suck.  I dumped 10k of gold on the new toon though. OUCH!

Things I need to look at now are hit, and mitigation. Maintankadin is a great website for a Prot Pally.

I tanked a couple of heroics now, and every one survived. A little stupidity from a hunter (which is odd right), for the most part things are going smooth. So smooth in fact, I’m getting the old tanking bug back.

So I’m gonna put the Mage on the shelf until Cataclysm, and really get back to my tanking roots where it all started for me.

Am I done with the mage. Hell no. I’m just taking a little vacation…a Magecation if you will.

5 Responses to “A Magecation”

  1. Drop Alix a mail with the pally’s Horderiffic name? 😛 Since you won’t be on the mage, and that’s the toon I know – I’d hate to think I won’t see you around until Cataclysm. ❤

    • Rivia is my pallies name….there has been only 4 of my serious toons in the history of my MMO career that didn’t have Riv in the name, somehow some way. Heatscourge, Frostscourge, Frostyorbs, and Chesticles.

  2. Rhidach at righteous defense has a really complete guides section: http://rhida.ch/

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