Weekly Lagout

All this blogger fighting makes me want to drink…so does any day that ends in ‘y’…

WoW – Good News everyone, the slime pipes are working again……LOL!

Seriously though my Prot Pally is inching towards 80, she’s 79 now, and where she belongs Horde side.  I am impressed what a farming machine the little lady is. A fine addition to the Riv family.

Making gold, and gearing out my pally are my top priorities….maybe leveling my whorelock…too.

Other Games – GW2 is really looking good, and Star Wars of course with space combat is really getting me hyped up.

High Latency Love –

Demeternoth the DK, I followed her gaming blog for awhile, and now she is writing on our personal blog, cause that’s what it is now…it’s ours. So show her much love both places.

I want to give the Noisy Rogue, it just came to light to me some of the battles he’s been fighting. I don’t agree with everything he says sometimes, but you know what I know how it feels, your just stating your opinion, next thing you know your some monster rapist terrorizing the countryside.

Something Funny….

Worgen Freeman is taken….

With That…


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