Say Hello to the Bad Guy!

Another Blogger emailed me, and since she is classy and this was done between closed doors. I won’t put her on blast, and toss her under the bus. She removed me from her blogroll, which I don’t care, but she was and is one of the people I admire in the blogging community so when she takes time to talk to me, I listen.  I may or may not take her advice…but I will listen.

The major problem is with the pictures of the girls I post. She brought up the recent game Tera, and put me on the same level as them. Which irked me, at the same time I see her point.  I am really getting tired of all the “sexism in gaming” posts, and I think Gevlon hit the nail on the head.

First my thoughts on Tera…

Yes I post pictures of scantily clad girls on my blog, but they are there to accent, or add to the blog. Like Frosting on the cake. Some people don’t like frosting, that’s ok. Tera is blatantly selling their sexism. The girl runs her skirt comes up. I don’t like gimmicks, and it smells like gimmicks. Remember a game called Age of Conan, it sold itself as a mature game, but I didn’t feel the sexism as overtly as Tera.  Tera, like Evony tries to sell sex to lure the immature, and kiddies into playing it. Sometimes it works, like AoC. the numbers were huge when it opened, but despite the big breasts there wasn’t much there to keep a player playing.  Tera, and the way it represents itself speaks volumes on how the game it is.

Product of my Enviroment….

I come from a place that was a little bit more real then some of the usual gamers are used to. While you were home watching home movies in seventh grade, I was wondering the streets kicked out of my house…When you were planning keggers, i was planning robberies…When you were laying in your bed playing Playstation, I was laying on a cot in jail….  I associated myself with drug dealers, gangsters, gamblers, thieves, and other ne’er do wells. These sub-cultures do not look highly on women.  I lived this life for alot of years, until I decided to change, to evolve, to crawl out of the gutter and want more for, and from myself.  It’s not an excuse, but I want you the reader to know where I am coming from.  In lollipop land, where gum drops rain upon you yeah things should be fair, but where I come from where I had to beat a man to make sure I don’t look like a victim…things aren’t always fair, and right in life, I reflect that life, so neither am I.

The lesser of two evils, but still part of the problem….

I can sit here, and tell you that every picture has something to do with the story I am trying to tell you. I was thinking about it, even though it does. In my first video gaming blog I rarely had pictures, so why now do I. When I first started HLL, I had a picture of a hot girl, I noticed it got attention from alot of my readers who were male. Perhaps the wrong type of attention, but attention none the less. I always say I’m not in it for the numbers, but lets face facts I still like when people pay attention to me. I am a self-proclaimed attention whore. Let’s not mince words. Yes I’m part of the problem. Yes I am sexist, which the definition is I view the genders in typical gender roles. A Woman should be a woman, and man should be a man, now what that actually entails as to what a man is, and what women are a topic for another time.  Being a sexist, isn’t the same as being a misogynist, that means you hate women. I definitely do not hate women…well specific ones maybe a tad.


Sorry  I was possessed by Sam Kinison for a second.

I am not a good writer….

I never claimed to be. I never claimed to be some awesome writer, if you want Yeats, please go look elsewhere. My goal of this blog is to entertain, whether be from the writing, or a picture. I want to take 5 minutes of your time and hope you enjoy your stay here. Sure I have an occasional post that makes you think, or get angry, or sad, or angry….yeah I know I said angry twice, and sometimes I’m sure you’re like River just posted crap today. In my mind’s eye most of it is crap, but a my daddy said, “Toss enough crap against the wall, something is bound to stick”    Someone suggested to write less, take my time to come up with more poignant stuff. I believe the brain is a muscle, it needs to be worked out. Sometimes I have a good work out, I sweat, I’m in pain the next day, I feel good. Sometimes I have a bad workout, I didn’t sweat or push myself hard enough.  It is said by a famous writer, “A Writer Writes, and that’s what I try to do.” I write for myself, your just along for the ride.

“I am what you say I am” – Eminem.

I one time called myself,  “I am a mixture of Kenny Powers, Eminem, Ron Jeremy with the body of John Candy”. I also jokingly called this site a porn site, that writes about games.  I have no illusions of grandeur, I am here standing for everyone to judge. For those that love me, I love you right back, and I’m willing to go to war for you. Those that hate me, bring it, cause your hate makes me powerful.  I play evil, or supposedly evil races in most games. Horde, Chaos, soon to be Sith, etc. etc…. Cause every story needs a villain. Every story needs an antagonist. Way too many good guys in the blogosphere. I am not one of them. There’s a difference between being a douchebag though, and being a bad guy.

“Better to rule in hell, then to serve in heaven”  – Milton.

Here in hell I shall rule, be the bad guy, have some good old fashioned fun.  Let the good people think they are goody too-shoes, and live in their glass houses while they toss stones.

For those who read me, and continue to read me on a daily basis, thank you. Everybody else, fuck you.

30 Responses to “Say Hello to the Bad Guy!”

  1. Like I said in response to Adam’s post, there are a lot of reasons to add or remove a blog from a blogroll – subject matter, inactivity, trying to draw attention to different bloggers, blah blah. It’s not personal, or I guess it can be motivated by personal feelings, but I don’t take it personally.

  2. I’m all for respecting each other, caring about others sensitivities and so on, but sometimes the political correctness goes too far. It saddens me that in all this quest for equality, we forget that they’re still sexual beings.

    Posting pictures of scantily clad women is bad…if women aren’t allowed to post pictures of scantily clad (or whatever is attractive to them) men. But we are. And I, on occasion, post pictures of shmexy guys on my blog.

  3. Why does it matter when your blog is your personal space?

    Who cares what else is going on in people’s minds

    I just hope Bee posts more delicious males to balance the scales.

  4. I’m a dude, and to be honest, the pictures detract from the blog in my opinion. but thats my opinion so who cares.

    so the person that emailed you? i just now read something very similar at noisy rogue.

  5. I kept you on my roll. Are you saying that isn’t enough confirmation to ward off all the doubts and persecutions the world may cast upon you? I’m kinda hurt.

    Oh, and I like Ophelia’s point.

  6. I used to be highly involved in a Hayden Christensen message board. I was a Darth Vader fan girl.

    I’m not proud.

    But let me just say, the eye candy you have provided today is mighty tasty.

    Might I just add this lollipop:


  7. Legolas4Life Says:

    Lol, am I to blame here? Prior to your gaming blog, you just had your regular day to day one. I remember you took your first break and left me in charge of posting. When you came back, you said I tried to Playboy up your blog by posting pictures of hot and nearly naked chicks with all of my articles. Ever since, you followed suit and continued that style on here. lol

  8. I kinda agree with the blogger and her putting you on the same level as Tera. Not saying I care, because what you put on your own blog is your own business, but I’m just saying I see her point.

    My problem with the pictures isn’t what’s in it, for the most part I dont’ even see them when I’m reading. When I do though, my views are more in line with Hunter’s point, that I think your pictures actually detract from your writing and the content in your blog. But if that’s actually part of your goal and you don’t mind, then in my mind, there’s no issue there. I’ll still view the pictures with ambivalence but continue to read your blog.

  9. Hi there! Still lurking around here… You don’t get rid of me that easily by insisting of posting those – in my humble opinion – objectifying, totally irrelevant pictures that just pull down the blog to a gutter level where it needn’t to be. I will throw a glance at your blog every now and then. And if I’m in the mood and I don’t see too much of persucation of RP:ers and feminists, I’m likely add you to my blogroll again. Because there was someting about this blog that I liked in the first place once upon a time.

    And YES it was I who wrote to Chris and took him away from my blogroll, in case anyeone hasn’t figured it out yet.

    It’s a little bit strange to me how much fuss it is about the looks of my blogroll. Is it really such a big deal in the end? It’s constantly changing. New blogs pop up, others will be removed. I review it regularly, wanting it to stay alive and reflect the blogs I actually read. By the way, why isn’t anyone of you guys railing at all the blogs that don’t link to you and never ever have done that? I don’t get it. Honestly.

    I probably should read blogs through a reader and then I wouldn’t have to put up with your pictures that really annoy me. However I’m a bit oldfashioned in those manners. I like to actually visit the blogs.

    Yes, as I said your pick of images put me off. (sometimes of course, not all of them. Nothing wrong about the image illustrating this post)

    You say that you are the way you are and can’t change – well, this is they way I am. Sorry. You and I apparently just don’t work well together, there’s some chemistry lacking I think. It might have to do with background I admit. You have your rough years behind you that have formed you in a certain way. I admit I come from a middle/upper class family, where everyone has academic exams etc. I think it might form us in the way we view the world and how we regard those things. I’m probably a bit of your snob in your eyes, even if I try hard not to be.

    On the brighter side: it’s great to see that our mail discussion has inspired you to do some proper blogging, writing a longer, more thoughtful post. More of that please!


    • It must get pretty boring if the only people you feel comfortable associating with are people who are cookie-cutter versions of yourself.

      • Yeah I suppose it is. Fortunately enoough I’m not such a person you describe. But maybe you are? Enlighten me.

      • “…You and I apparently just don’t work well together, there’s some chemistry lacking I think. It might have to do with background I admit. You have your rough years behind you that have formed you in a certain way. I admit I come from a middle/upper class family, where everyone has academic exams etc. I think it might form us in the way we view the world and how we regard those things. I’m probably a bit of your snob in your eyes, even if I try hard not to be…”

        change “associating with” to “working well with” and I say my assessment was pretty spot-on.

      • I don’t judge Chris from his background. I just make an effort try to understand/ find an explanasion why we have such a different view on objectification on women.

        Believe what you want to belive. I’ve tried hard to commuicate with Chris privately in letters but it seems to me that we fail to find a mutual understanding. i’m trying hard to see where his views are coming from. And he has explained it himself in this post. That’s what I was referring to.

        It was never my intention to start some kind of war with you. I just discretely pulled away my link because I couldn’t stand to see another half pornographic picture. I’m not the one calling to arms. I did this peacfully. And it seemed to me as if Chris basically didn’t want to fight me either. He has had his enemies and wars before, but he was never going after me.

        You however seem to be looking for some kind of conflict?
        I can’t say I’m devasted. If you don’t like me because I challenge Chris for his way of displaying women, it’s your problem.

        I honestly don’t care about your opinion on me.

      • This isn’t a war. I read your post and made a comment on it. You wrote the words, I just made an assessment of them.

        I don’t know you at all. I’ve never read your blog, and to be honest with you based on the little bit of you that I know see, I won’t be visiting it in the future.

        Just like you have the right to your opinions and the right to write whatever you would like in your blog and as a response to River’s post here, I have the right to form my opinions of what you wrote. And again, with no previous knowledge of who you are; when I read your comments here you sound horribly stuck up and boring.

        Also, I respect your decision to pull the blog from your blogroll. But seriously? “Couldn’t stand to see another half pornographic picture.” ?? Puleeeezzzzze. Better go ahead and cancel your tv, internet, magazine stand at the grocery store, and print ad on the side of the highway too.

        Save the drama for your mama.

  10. I’m not on famous people’s blogrolls either. I’m a certified porn site tho.

  11. I view your blog through my RSS feed, don’t comment a lot since I’ve stepped away from gaming for a while. Too much on my plate in the real world, so no time for gaming (unfortunately.) However, the times I’ve physically dropped by your site, the scanty clad women never bothered me. Although it’s most likely not something you’ll see splashed on any of my sites, I can respect that we are different in what we like and still appreciate what you write about. It doesn’t offend me, so I’ll keep reading via my RSS feed. In some ways, you remind me of an Aussie blogger I follow. Although he writes about completely different topics. He does have a similar writing style, and the women too.

    *I lived this life for alot of years, until I decided to change, to evolve, to crawl out of the gutter and want more for, and from myself. It’s not an excuse, but I want you the reader to know where I am coming from. In lollipop land, where gum drops rain upon you yeah things should be fair…*

    Ok that bit made me spew the water I was drinking. You know, I grew up living in lollipop land. In my early twenties I did moved in with my then boyfriend, inner city in the hood. That location was the opposite of lollipop land. I grew up fast. I learned a lot, and after a few painful lessons I adapted…somewhat. If I wanted to continue living there, I had to deal with everything that came along with my boyfriend. After three years, I decided I didn’t want to stay in that position, so I left. I was old enough and had the finances where I could pick up and leave, not everyone has that option. Our past, at times, make a huge mark on the person we become. I understand that, and try not to judge people because of that.

    Regarding not being a great writer, I disagree. I think you are, which is one of the reasons I still follow you via RSS feed, even though I rarely comment.

    • Good to hear from an old friend. I’m sad you’re not gaming, but I hope your doing well…and hope you come back for Cataclysm a bit 😉

  12. Hey you’re not the only one that’s sad, I recently tried to download Warhammer Online. I keep getting these darned error message. Currently working with EA to get me online and playing even if it’s only a few hours weekly. I do miss gaming. 😦 Who knows I might reload WoW, although the only draw for me in there is the PvP…

    • Warhammer, I do miss that game…that’s where it all started for me. I hope EA helps you. Remember Chaos is where it’s at. 😉

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