Tales from the Darkside

Tales of the Darkside, I loved that show. Naming these posts as a  little homage to that freaky show I grew up with, and then later a freaky movie. It was Twilight Zone/Outer Limits like, but a tad more freakier…..

Anyway so I decided to level up a Warlock to see what the hell all the hub bub was about, and to see exactly why Mages hate Warlocks. I know I might be shunned by my Mage Brethren, but you know what my Paladin is nearing 80, (turned 79), and I need another project. Tons of  tokens means I’m going to get some BOA’s. I got enough BOA’s for several classes now. I also saw that really there aren’t that many Warlocks around anymore, and I am curious as to why.

Creation –

I went with Orc, cause just the duality of a big burly cloth wearer intriques me. I may switch him to Goblin race once that is available.

Levels 1 to 5-

Usual beginning zone crap, nothing unusual, from my earlier Warlocks I tried I noticed that no more hard ass imp quest to get my demon, and you don’t have to train a demon anymore it appears. Sooo they made an easy class….real easy. Nice.

The Pimping –

Yea loaded up my Warlock – BOA staff/chest/shoulders – Enchanted where I could. Tons of Bags, and yea 400gold. My Lock has just been pimped!

Levels 5 to 10 –

This is where the Warlock really starts to get easy. I think I was taking out Harpies 3 levels higher then me with out breaking a sweat. I never ate or drank, just killed, and killed some more. Immolate>Corruption>Curse of Agony> Shadow Bolt x2 = Dead Mob.  I don’t think I even Life Tapped that much.

To Do List –

Blueberry – I have to get my Blueberry now that I’m ten. I wonder if it’s still viable tactic to send Blueberry out, DOT UP the Mobs, and wand the shit out of things.

Spec – Is Affliction still the way to level?  How is Demonology?

Professions – I was thinking Mining, and Jewelcrafting, or Herbing and Inscription. With the changes to Glyphs coming, don’t think Inscription is going to be as popular a money maker as it was.

Hit 20– Get my Flaming Horse!

By the way the Warlock movies weren’t half bad….ok they were so bad, they were almost good.

6 Responses to “Tales from the Darkside”

  1. Warlock movies were fun.

    I leveled my Lock to 80 via Affliction. It was nice kicking peoples butts PVP for a long while via Fear, Dot, Dead.

    Blueberry needs his special demon talents to hold aggro good else you need to be careful you do not do too much damage. Gets hard when your dots crit.. you get some nice heals fed back to you though!

    I really liked leveling my Warlock as an Engineer! Lotta nice extras like when I don’t have that last insta-spell I need just fire a few missiles and laugh!

    • This shouldn’t be a problem if you are affliction. Siphon life keeps you healed very well AND once you get haunt you shouldn’t ever have to stop to eat OR drink.

  2. Whore!

    I feel you are cheating on me. You don’t Tweet as much as you used too, you write less, you say your working, and now you are playing a Warlock! I knew it, you are a whore! I miss the good ol’ classist days when we bashed everything not Mage. I feel I don’t know you anymore. How did we grow so far apart? I feel my River is but a babbling brook now. Soon you will be a deep canyon and everybody will throw rocks down your crack while they take pictures of the dysfunctional family.

    Whyyyyyyy! Whhhyyyyyyy! Wwwwwhy!

  3. http://dotsandhots.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/koalabears-so-you-want-to-level-a-warlock-guide/

    I made a leveling guide with how I level my various warlocks.

    Yes sending out your blueberry and dotting up the mobs is still VERY efficient. Especially for affliction.

    I personally level affliction 100%, a lot of other people will tell you to level affliction until you hit 40 then go demo. Personally the 51 point talent in affliction is just too delicious to me to ever pass up.

    But yeah hit me up if you want more leveling info on affliction 😀

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