Turn the Page

“Here I am…On the road again….There I am…Up on the stage….Here I go….Playin’ star again…There I go…
Turn the page ” ~ Bob Seger

Great song…Well I cancelled Star Trek Online again. It’s not a bad game, and there’s alot I like about it…it’s just not enough of what I wanted . I was looking for epic space battles, awesome camaradie with other Klingons, epic story lines…I really didn’t get any of that.  So I cancelled.

Turn the Page…..

I was watching some videos last night about Guild Wars 2, tell you the truth I wasn’t that excited about it until I saw one of the races, a dog like, war-like race…they got me all hot and bothered. Here’s some of the videos I watched….



Some Gamefootage…

So I’m gonna have to say, I probably be checking this out when it hits.

3 Responses to “Turn the Page”

  1. In Guild Wars 1 you can get those guys as a Hero to play with. I’ve been playing a lot of games lately with companions and I think this is the new wave of MMOs. You can customize them. Say you play WoW and you are all geared out, what if you had 3 companions to gear out? The game would triple in replayablity.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7rBhD9dwfc is another video you should check out.

    charr are more cats than dogs btw.

  3. Yup GW2 is high up on my list. Probably higher than SWTOR currently.

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