Screenshot or it didn’t happen.

Jong made a comment uttering his surprise at Light Leather going for 17g…damn near 18 gold here, minus AH fees. Thought I would offer him a screenie…

To be honest I didn’t skin that leather I bought it for 12g a stack, sold for over 18 a stack. For 5 seconds work I made roughly 50 – 60g.

I just don’t get how people don’t have gold….it’s so easy nowadays. I remember to get my first mount, I had to scrap and sell pets. I was one of the first people to port over Rabbits to the Horde (Thanks to some helpful guildies) There’s ton’s of ways to make gold, ya just got to put in a little effort.

One Response to “Screenshot or it didn’t happen.”

  1. Wow, WoWs economy is getting inflated to the point I’d a great depression.

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