How I made 1,000 Gold to 2,000 Gold in WoW

Ok so Markco of at Just My Two Copper offered a Challenge. How to make 1,000 Gold, into 2,000 Gold. I put in total maybe an hour into this tops total over a course of a week.

Tuesday – I gave my alt 1000 gold to start…

Then I set out to work…..

Things I knew sell from my Mage….

Scrolls of Enchant- Crusader

Imperial Manta Steak


Lower Level Mats

Plan –

Look for these items on the Auction House of people undercutting, and sell for profit in other words Flipping.

It started when I was just putzing about, someone was selling Imperial Manta Steaks for 20g a stack of 20. Hello, I hopped on that right away. I picked up 5 stacks for 20g, and sold them for roughly a little over 100g a piece.

Then I noticed someone selling Scrolls of Enchant -Crusader for a real low price, I picked them up for a steal at 140g, and flipped them for 180g-250g depending on the market, either way still pure profit.

I also picked up a ton of Frostweave Bags for 50-60g range and flipped those for 70g-80g range.

I supplemented that with Copper selling, Copper Bars were selling for 20g, ore was selling for 15g. I would buy the ore, and smith it and turn it around and sell it. Not to mention farming the ore myself, as well as Light Leather selling for 17g a stack. That alone would of netted me a few hundred gold. No reason to be broke as a lowbie these days.

The results….

Yes I broke 2,000 gold, and I still have auctions in the Auction House. For those that still are scrimping for gold there is no excuse, for a little more effort you too can double your gold in no time.

6 Responses to “How I made 1,000 Gold to 2,000 Gold in WoW”

  1. holy clap! light leather goes for 17g a stack?

  2. i no longer feel bad for anyone who always seems to be out of gold these days. with only minimal effort (easily less than an hour a week) i manage to keep myself comfortably above 10k. while i know that is not a lot, i also splurge often on things like a chopper, the firefly pet (and others i got tired of farming myself)… pretty much whatever i feel like buying i do.

    oh… and i am working on netherwing rep right now… i make about 200g each day i actually go out to do the dailies just from selling the ore from out there… no one likes to farm that so its easy money!

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  4. With Light Leather at 17g a stack it’s time to go to the farms in the human starting area and slay/skin the instantly respawning pigs in those farms. There are about 9 pigs in each of the farms you can do it at and once three of them are dead anytime you kill one you cause another to spawn to replace it, so there’s literally a never ending supply.

    Sadly, light leather sells for crap on my servers.

    • Sad to say there’s been a run on Light Leather, and people been farming it alot more. Still selling for 5g a stack, not bad.

  5. Isn’t buying things that are priced way too low and then reselling them awesome!? I’ve only recently started doing this but it’s gotten to the point where if I make like 50g flipping an item I actually cackle, like an Auction House witch!! Hehe. Awesome post btw and I’ll have to watch for Imperial Manta Steak on my server! That’s something I’ve never paid any attention to. 🙂

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