Gnome Whorelocks Can Suck My Mage Staff.

So I was bored last night, so I went on a ride on my hog across the Barrens, and into Dustwallow Swamp. Then into Theramore itself.

After saying hello to my friend Jaina Proudmore, (She’s a boss toon, and no one ever seems to guard her. Wonder how hard would she be to kill) So I walked around Theramore wreaking havoc. Oohh the Boat was in.

I hopped on my hog, then rode towards the boat like a bat out of hell, then coming off the boat was a gnome on her motorcycle. It was funny for a second. We both turn around on our bikes and gaze at each other…’s a dirty whorelock.

So we both dismount. I unleash my Water Elemental. I put up my shields, I charge a frost bolt, I get feared……I’m dead. 

Then she goes on her merry little gnome way, laughing her little gnome laugh.

I faced alot of warlocks 1v1, and the ones that I actually beat are very few, and very far between. This just wasn’t my day.

Though when I rezzed myself, and went back to the boat, a dumb 80 warrior passed through, and died rather quickly…Feel my wrath you wretched fool.

4 Responses to “Gnome Whorelocks Can Suck My Mage Staff.”

  1. My, you’re a tall one!

  2. We killed Jaina last week, in a “I don’t have much to do, let’s try something silly” mood. She teleports whoever has the highest threat off to random places at intervals, so you’ll need at least two tanks and a warlock to resummon. Doesn’t really drop much.

    We made no secret of where we were, we were all pvp flagged. A number of alliance 80s came by; we expected them to flag and start helping Jaina once we’d started the battle and taken damage, but they just sat there lolling at us and golf-clapped at the end.

  3. lol this is the reason why I could never put up with pvp realms – I would’t be able to bear the shame of dying to a gnome. /gasp

  4. Warlocks = the bane of my existence (or one of them, being a feral druid). Locks and shadow priests. Rough. Glad you were able to at least unleash your wrath on someone! 😀

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