Ain’t No Halaa Back Girl

As my prepaid playtime begins to expire, I (of course) find myself having a great time playing the other day.  Nothing can re-energize my WoW spirit like a little bit of real world PVP. 

I guess I should explain.  As I feverishly work towards my goal of a Netherwing Drake mount, I find that my adventures are taking me to the Grand Land of Nagrand. (try saying that 3x fast — ok it’s not that tough — WHATever.)

I have always loved Nagrand – It is just beautiful.  I would love to have a summer vacation hut there.

Smack in the middle of Nagrand is Halaa:

Please take note of the serene waterfalls. 🙂

The path from the Horde city of Garadar to the area I must slay mobs for the Dragonmaw takes me right over this area.  The other day I notice that some bitchass Alliance have killed 5 of our 15 guards.  What. The. Fuck.  Excuse me, but I like my +5% to damage TYVM.  So I decide to make a stop.  I load up my healing spec and put on my healing gear, and I start going to town.  It’s fun to heal the guards there cause you can pretty much just go crazy because they have so much HP. 

Right as I’m getting ready to have to drink to restore my mana, I was attacked by an Alliance Ret Pally and Whorelock.  Being in my healing spec, in my healing gear, with zero mana…. well I’m sure you can gather what happened next.  I was able to escape down the side and die peacefully by smashing into the grassy knoll below.  As I run back to my corpse, I am literally beaming with excitement.  These assholes have no idea what is about to hit them.  I rez, spec properly, put on my PVP gears and back up I go.  They are fighting guards 2 v 1?? (Guards with 1340K health??)  I immediately drop in and Psychic Scream bomb them.  This helps to aggro several more guards.  I then take my time slowly dwindling them down.  Eventually mana burning and dotting them to death.  Ok…. Ok…. the guards helped a little. It was so fun.  They came back 2 more times, same story.  

I then put out a message in /2 Local Defense to see if any other 80’s around want a piece of the action.  A shadow priest shows up, we chat for a bit and then I see the Alliance have gotten into the Manticore bombers.  The Shadow Priest and I would just mount up, follow them around until they were forced to land, and then blow them up.  Really… it was way more fun than it probably should have been.    

At the end of the day I ended up with 14 Halaa battle tokens and a new in-game friend.    

I’m thinking that I may have been a bit hasty with my decision to unsubscribe.  🙂

4 Responses to “Ain’t No Halaa Back Girl”

  1. I think you were hasty.

    There is so much to do in this game, but sometimes we fall in a rutt. Oh this is all we use to do, that isn’t fun anymore so lets quit. Sure some of the older stuff I don’t have fun with anymore, but damn it I challenge myself, or go in a different direction.

    Sometimes I just stop and stare and think of the marvel that Blizzard has created, love them or hate them they created something that lasted half a decade, and is quite impressive.

  2. Some of the most exciting PvP experiences I’ve had in WoW have been at around L60 in tense battles for the Hellfire towers. I always found these were best with only one or two players on each side. Waiting for your opponent to make his next move, or trying to anticipate him based on what towers you think he already has for his daily. It’s not quite the same game these days, with flying mounts short-circuiting a lot of the balance…

    I’m with you in not finding a lot to do in the game at the moment. I find my fun in wow [outside of raiding gameplay] in advancing my characters, and there’s not a lot to be had at the moment.

    I’ve been looking into alternate advancements, like professions and obscure mounts, but it’s easy to fall into a grinding pattern and I’m not about to subject myself to that kind of un-fun “play” experience. =P

    • As a side note, I added your blog to my blogroll. I liked the URL, Halfgoblin. 🙂 And I haven’t really dug to deep, but you mentioned Gevlon too. So I want to make sure I read your stuff when I have more time

  3. […] maybe you can convince her to stay if you tell her why should stay. Anyone who tries to convince Bee to stay will get some love next week….and if anyone convinces Bee to pose in a cheerleader […]

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