Greed is Good!

Before Vacation I was pretty much the only one selling Scrolls of Enchant Crusader. I come back from Vacation and there are tons of people now selling scrolls, and undercutting me too. I would traditionally sell a scroll from somewhere in the range of 200-250g. These rats are selling them for 130-150g.

Well they don’t know who their messing with. I got 8 scrolls in the bank, and I’ll flood the market and sell them for real cheap, and keep doing so until they get the hint it’s just not worth it.

On the other hand, Some sucker sold me a bunch of stacks of Imperial Manta Steaks for 20g per stack of 20, they sell on Auction House for 100g.

It seems like though to make gold lately on the Auction House on the Horde side, I really got to be hustling and grinding. Probably going to have to hit up my friends at the gold making sites to get some new fresh tips.

I really like making gold these days, for lack of a better word…greed is good.

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