Fantasy Football

Well it’s an MMO sort of. Multiple players, and it’s online….

Anywho it’s that time of year, I plunk down some money to participate in this ritual of masochism. Even though I do pretty well I torture myself every year, cause week after week I pour over stats, and numbers in hopes of gaining the edge.

This year some thing new though, the guild I joined last April, has their own Fantasy Football league, and they play for gold 1000k gold to be exact, and if I place that’s a nice bit of gold indeed.

Well one of my drafts is tonight, I have no clue who I will be picking. Any tips feel free to offer them up.  I do love football, and football season. I love fall, the cooler weather, and my two favorite holidays are in the pipeline. My birthday, and Halloween.

So are you ready for some football???!!!!

Bee is up tomorrow, maybe she’ll put on a cheerleader outfit for us….

3 Responses to “Fantasy Football”

  1. Football!!!!!

    Actually I’ve just recently started looking into this american football thingamajig (curse you Scott Sigler), and I’m actually finding it quite entertaining, who would have guessed that? Anyhoo, any tips… shouldn’t think so, I’ve just about started getting the hang of the rules and such and would thus be only slightly less useful in such a context than your average random number generator.

  2. I love fantasy football. Don’t overdraft for players you like. Do some research prior the draft. Find out who is injured or suspended. Draft your defense and kickers last. They are pretty interchangeable with anyone else.

  3. I was thinking of making one just for my readers, and fellow bloggers. I think it would be fun.

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