Guest Post: Go from 3 silver to 300 gold in an hour.

I got an email the other day from Markco asking me if he could do a guest post on my blog, now I do check out his blog, and forums from the time to time, and there is some real great stuff on there. I like his work, and admire what he’s doing, so I agreed. So if your interested in making gold, I urge you to check his stuff out.  Now I know he sells things, guides and such. I never seen them, and in the interest of full disclosure I am not receiving anything for this, but I do want you, and others to know as my “About Me’ page states…I am a cheap whore, and have no integrity, or shame for that matter. You want that hit another blog. So I am ALWAYS willing to do something for a bit of extra cash….what am I willing do, well depends on the amount of cash. Every man has his price, it’s just no one has met mine yet.


Going from 3 silver to 300 gold in 1 hour played time

Hello there, River has been so kind as to allow me to share with you my ideas on making gold in world of warcraft. For those who don’t know me, I am Markco from Just my Two Copper, the JMTC forums, Cataclysm and Call to Auction podcasts and a host of other sites I won’t waste your time listing. Basically, I love making gold in World of Warcraft and more importantly: sharing what I’ve learned with others.

First off, let me ask you: Are you bored with wow? Would you like to put a little spark into your gameplay with a challenge from me, the gold making guru? If you choose to accept,  I’d like you to attempt to make gold on a new server starting with anything below 1 gold. You’re probably getting ready to close the browser… no wait this gets interesting trust me! What if I told you it’s easy to go from a few silver to a gold, a gold to a few gold, a few gold to lots and lots of gold?

Lesson 1: From Silver to a Gold
Run to the nearest major city with your level 1-8 character and … no don’t go to the auction house you silly auctioneer! Head over to the enchanting trainer and buy the strange dust and lesser magic essences that are almost always present even though they are of limited supply (that just means they have to be restocked over the course of half an hour or so when you buy them). If you are feeling frisky also buy a copper rod. No don’t take that the wrong way… I want you to sell it on the auction house… stay focused! If you have a lot of silver (ie. 50) go buy a pet from any pet vendor in the major cities.
Take your auctions and post them on the auction house for about 50-75% market value. You want these to sell and sell quickly so you can get back to making more gold. The copper rod will take money to post on the auction house so be sure to have at least some money left over to post it at 12 hours. Same goes for the pet if you bought it. When you go to post I bet you’ll be surprised at how much those copper rods, strange dust, lesser magic essences and vendor pets go for! Now log off and come back in 6-12 hours. You’ll have at least a gold from each item sold if not more.

Lesson 2: From a Gold to Lots of Gold (let’s skip a few gold because we can)
No you don’t have to run all the way back to the enchanting or pet vendor ever again. It’s time to play the auction house and look for great deals! Even if you don’t have helpful addons for sniping prices like auctioneer (see my 22 steps to using auctioneer,  for assistance with resale and vendor scans) you can still find the right items using a simple technique. Open the auction house tab and select trade goods on the left. Now sort the auctions so that the lowest bid is at the top of your list. Look at the low bids and choose any that fall under this description:
“A pre 70 trade good of the ore, herb, gem, bar or leather type.”
Place your bids and then log out. Come back in 24 hours (you should avoid bidding on auctions that are more than 24) to see if you won your bids. If it’s a Tuesday, be sure to place your bids before reset to take advantage of auctions still ‘rolling’ during downtime.
You’re done! Repeat the process to get tons of gold with very little game time. Can you hit 300 gold in under an hour?


First of all I would like to thank Markco for taking the time to do this, and help out my readers. He also shared with me the article that he is working on , Top 10 things you should be stocking up for in Cataclysm.  He said he will post it Wednesday so check it out, it’s pretty good info. 

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