Why I like the Horde…

I’ve played Alliance, and Horde for many years each, and I thought I would share with you some of the reasons I love the Horde better….


5.  Community – I know there is asshats on both sides, but since Horde is smaller you get to know who the asshats are pretty quick

4. Us Vs Them Mentality – In the Horde there is more of a sense of teamwork when it comes to doing things. Like PvP, and PvE, there isn’t the constant selfishness that pervades Alliance alot of times.

3.Sellers Market – Smaller Community means less farmers, higher demand.. did you not see me on my Hog…

2. Cooler – Come on Orcs drinking Demons blood, Addicted Elves, Head Hunting Trolls, and Undead… Ya Spacegoats with danglys on their chins…that’s cool. /endsarcasm

Number 1 reason – No Gnomes – None of their shininess, or happiness. Their cheerful demeanor sickens me. When ever a gnome dies, and angel gets it’s wings, double wings for Gnome Warlocks.

9 Responses to “Why I like the Horde…”

  1. I’ve played alliance since beginning and I don’t like them, but that is where everybody I know is at. I tried horde a bunch of times, but I was unable to find a guild. Horde seem more elitists. If you’re not the best geared, don’t apply. I spent months playing horde and never had anybody say hello. I’d rather have asshats than silence

  2. /AGREE

    “Ya Spacegoats with danglys on their chins…”

  3. Cant agree more, I actually started out as Alliance and it wasnt until TBC launched I finally rolled an undead rogue and a bloodelf rogue since then I’ve never really looked back…… except for the odd faction change to play with friends *cough* bottom line is I always return to Horde.

    The biggest difference for me is the pvp aspect- Alliance just seem so god damn disorganised whereas on horde side you know the guy standing next to you can really play and knows what he is doing.

    For the Horde!!!

  4. Legolas4Life Says:

    Am I crazy or have you posted this same topic like 8 or 9 times already?

  5. I like your number 1 reason and totally agree! Gnomes are horrible little things! 🙂

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