Weekly Lagout

To be honest just been helping people with their computers, not much gaming wise in this time, and I’m just counting down the days to I go to Vegas next week.

WoW – Just been ran VOA, and randoms…helping guildies. Looking for some stuff to keep me occupied. I really need to pay some attention to my tanking pally, I want him ready for Cataclysm.

STO– Didn’t play much there at all this week.

High Latency Love –

Zelmaru at Murloc Parliament gave me some love.

Jong has finally joined the twitter age,  give him some love at Forbearance.

Check out the Peeps at Multiplaying. Slurms put an article up of a topic near and dear to my heart. Fighting Games. Also while your there check out me and Scary on their podcast, the #40, I got to remember to ask Slurms if we can do #69 LOL!

Something Funny…

It’s funny cause I work with a guy named Khan… and I emailed it to the whole office, and thats all I heard today. Good times at work.

With that…..


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