Work is DA POOP!*

I’ve been seriously considering cancelling my subscription to WoW.  No, I don’t mean permanently leaving WoW – I just mean until Cataclysm is here.     

Why? Well…    

  1.  Only 2 people from my guild are actually “regularly” playing right now.  I use the term “regularly” to indicate “are still subscribed.”  They are not on often, and yes, when they are logged in we have fun.  Unfortunately, the times when everyone is logged in at the same time have turned into rarer and rarer occurrences. 
  2. I know that once summer is over and Cataclysm rolls around that there will be a lot of resubbing.  Lord knows I love to follow the crowd.
  3. Since picking up my Dragonhawk Mount the only thing I’ve been working on in-game is getting rep with the Dragonmaw so that I can get a Dragonmaw Nether Drake.  This leads into….
  4. Everything I’ve been doing in-game has been feeling like a chore.  Why should I pay $14.99/month to do work?

Thank you, Peon.

If there is one shining star in the Dragonmaw questline, it is the Booterang.

Oh, how I like the Booterang.
In fact, I would go as far to say that I’m 100% “in like” with the Booterang.  I’m ready to commit to it.  Birth its children.  Make sweet sweet boot-love to it. I’d love to have it for always.  Use it to throw at crappy DPS in ICC, or that asshole that goes AFK at the starting area in Arathi Basin.  There are even times in my life (maybe even now, as I speak of cancelling my subscription) that I could use a nice Booterang to the back of the head.     
The responses that you get from the Dragonmaw, after giving them a nice Boot-lashing, always make me laugh.



 Actually, if you think about it, “Work is da poop!” could also read as “Work is DA SHIT!”  In that connotation it almost sounds like the Peon is red with happiness and fulfillment from his job within the Dragonmaw Clan.  Maybe subjugating Nether Drakes brings joy to his little Orcish heart.  I think I’ve been assuming, and we all know what happens when you ass-u-me.    

Well, even with this new-found knowledge, I’m still gonna bitchslap him with the Booterang.  It’s just feels so good, it can’t be wrong.     



*this is the kinda post that happens when I get really bored in-game.

5 Responses to “Work is DA POOP!*”

  1. haha it is soooooooooo worth the grind tho! Netherdrake is one of my favourite mounts. I love the time lost protodrake model as well but alas I aint been lucky enough to get it 😦

  2. I farm Strat at least once every day. I think it very Zen, I have it down to a science almost.

    Other then that I like helping guildies…

    If your bored you can always roll a toon on Azgalor, and level one of noob alts with me.

  3. […] Da POOP! As usual Rivs delivers his wit and the laughs. Besides he is/was a WAR player. thumbs up! Blood for the blood god! […]

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