Why Good RP is Dead.

Ambrosine from I like Bubbles posted this.  She says to quit your bitching. To me that’s a little elitist, she’s in RP, she is a part of it, she probably has no problems getting into RP.

This was my response….

“If I have to sit around for hours to RP, why bother. The only RP you usually can jump in on is the ERP in Goldshire, and thanks to Blizz you might get banned for that.

RP isn’t dead, but Good RP is. All that you have left are elitists, boring people that ask me how fake food is, and scumbags in Pornshire.

Want good RP, go pick up a D&D book, and get 5 friends together, and leave WoW RP to the people who won’t let you in their cliques.”

Let me say this again, I don’t hate RP, I hate World of Warcraft Role Play. RP reminds me of the old AV days, when you had 15 people who actually played, and 20 bots jumping in the cave. Those 20 bots made it unbearable. Also one thing they talk about some addon, called RSP, it’s like Gearscore for Role Players, and I guess if it’s not up to snuff, well you suck at RP. I find this kind of funny, and ironic. I don’t like Gearscore, so why would I use RSP.

 Why Good RP Is Dead….

1. Elitists – They think their shit don’t stink…They think it’s your fault your not finding good RP, that it comes natural to them, and it should come natural to you. Anything that deviates from the norm is unacceptable…period.

2. Scumbags – Cybering Sparkly Vampires Lesbians…’nuff said

3. People who break the Lore – Blizzard does a fine job on their own, they don’t need your help in cutting it to shreds. Hi Mr. Spacegoat

4. Boring – 99% of it puts me to sleep, sitting around the Inn, saying how I love their food, and talking to some girl trying to virtually hit on her, even though she’s probably not a girl…isn’t my idea of fun.

5. The Threat of Banning – What if you get caught up by mistake by Blizzard’s new RP gestapo…have fun with that.

6. Artificial Drama – You make up more drama for yourself…wtf…really? I just want to kill some red, pvp tagged mofoes, and get the frick out. Save the Drama for your Mama.

Well there’s probably few more reasons, but I have to fly, cause “Time is Money, Friends”  Tomorrow Bee is up, maybe she’ll lighten the mood up around here with tales of priestly destruction.

3 Responses to “Why Good RP is Dead.”

  1. RPers are sad! People can cry about it if they want but come on it is just a load of bollocks…. specifically when you mix it with WoW. I did laugh at the ‘Riv, sweetie, STFU’ bit though.

    Hmm makes me wanna roll a rogue on an RP realm and disturb their little community that sits in the inns 🙂

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