It’s always the mages fault!

So I did a VOA 25 last night, and we wiped, mostly because Frozen Orbs were allowed to run rampant. Of course DPS was to blame, I’m not an idiot.

I know I was on the Orbs, I can’t speak for anyone else, it wasn’t my job. I can prove it recount showed that I did 50% of my damage output on the Frozen Orbs.

Here’s the thing that pissed me off…The Raid Leader a rogue said this, “The mages weren’t on the orbs.” Now there was only one other mage, I don’t know what he was doing, I don’t care. But don’t throw me under the bus, when I know I did my job. Those little laser bolts coming out of my ass, going to the Frozen Orbs, yeah that’s me..  

So I snapped, and said, “Fuck you”

He didn’t say anything back, or try to fight me on it. Alot of the fail dps left anyway, we got a better batch, and knocked it out of the park. It just irritates me to no end grouping me in with someone who is fail, just because were the same class. Don’t tell me I am not doing my job either, I monitor my crap, my stats, my output, my rotation, my strats, nine ways from Sunday.  Sure I’m not always number one, but in 25 mans, I’m always damn near the top.

So go ahead and blame the mages, cause I know I blow shit up, like it’s my job….cause it is.

4 Responses to “It’s always the mages fault!”

  1. We are always getting the short end of the stick. v_v

  2. As a hunter I get that A LOT! I hate that. Hey buddy…look at recount…it will show you I was on the right target…now check everyone else and get off my ass! Gad I hate people like that…and usually they are the ones that never target switch to get their uber dps over everyone else.


  3. I hate that passive-aggressive stuff… “the tank WASN’T GETTING HEALS.” Like heals fall from the sky… and we were just sitting there purposely watching the tank die and laughing.

    You’re a bad influence on me, Mr. Angry. I flipped off someone in the grocery store parking lot and it was probably like a GRANNY. If you want the spot I’m about to leave, then don’t CROWD me so I can’t get out. Moron.

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