The Donkey’s come out an play

Multiplaying asked me an Scary do a podcast with them. It was a fun time, and great experience. I haven’t listened to the final product yet, but when I was doing it, I was a little nervouse. I had performance issues, even though I was drinking whiskey while I was doing it, I don’t think it was anything wrong with my hardware. Just like a first date, you wonder what kind of panties the girl has on, are they sexy, or slutty, color? black, o red…but I digress I can literally talk about panties for days.

Well when we were all done it felt like I needed a cigarette, I enjoyed myself so much.  It really got the juices flowing at to going to the next step and getting some recording software…oh yeah and some time…my shortest resource these days.

Here it is….

Check it out


7 Responses to “The Donkey’s come out an play”

  1. I listened to it and you did great. You didn’t sound nervous at all.

  2. shadowwar Says:

    I love some Slurms, and we both know my uhealthy obsession with you. And Scary has become a recent fav as well, soo… this may have to be a podcast I don’t ignore for a change, like I do everyone elses.

  3. Awww you guys sound so cute.

  4. Slurms made me into a placeholder.

    “I feel like a piece of meat.”

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