Forge of Souls Curse

Normally as a mage I don’t complain about fail pugs, cause I rarely do them, but when guildies call I listen.

Everytime I’ve been into the Forge of Souls, it’s been with a certain Guildie, whom I will call Furball, and Everytime we go in the group is horribad in some way or another. Furball, plays several classes he’s a major altiholic. His latest is a Ret Pally. So me Furball, and Guild Tank #4 queued up for a Random…..yeah we got Forge of Souls. I knew it was bad. A Tree Druid, and Warrior.  First thing out of the Druid’s mouth, “Lets steam roll all 3” …I go, “Lets finish this first”

Where the hell do I begin….Let’s start with the Warrior, weilding the BOA axe, and his gear was not gemmerd, or enchanted. Hell I gemmed my 75 level blues. Seriously put something in the slot. Hell you can buy cheap gems…well cheap. That’s just crap. Oh the Tree that wanted to steamroll, yep his gear sucked, and not gemmed. He died alot, I snapped about the third time he died. “Yeah, you die less if you gem your gear I hear, might want to try it.”

Then he dies again, and we get a kick notice on him. Furball, Tank #4, both said they didn’t kick him, and I KNOW I didn’t. The crappy warrior kicked the crappy healer. I was laughing my ass off, Pot meet Kettle.  I was laughing my ass off.

We got a decent tree healer, and finished the rest of the dungeon…except I died on last boss, and we know that shit ain’t cool, and Furball is lucky I don’t charge him for my repair bill, it’s getting up there.

2 Responses to “Forge of Souls Curse”

  1. Pitrelli Says:

    mwahahaha yeah sounds familiar thats why im just sticking to levelling my tree alt for now- level 62 at last……. just waiting on my mate so i dont outlevel him 😦

    Anyway listened to the multiplaying podcast and was surprised to hear your dulcet tones haha na it was good man, look forward to you making your own one in the future

  2. I did an instance once with three guild mates and two pugs. One of our guildies was the tank and when he had a connection issue, one of the pugs, a bad dps by the way, tried to Kick him. We knew he would be back and when he returned, we Kicked the dumb DPS for trying to kick our friend. Not sure if he didn’t notice we all came from the same server or we all came from the same guild, but if your a bad DPS, tank or healer and your out numbered by people from the same guild, don’t try to kick one of them, you will lose every time. lol

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