Weekly Lagout

WoW – Just been mulling about, trying new things to make gold. I’m trying a new add on, see if it helps. I’ll make sure to report my findings to you the reader. Also been doing the thing I love the most helping out guildies. Man there’s nothing greater for me than helping out a new mage with answering questions, and donating gear. Actually I just dig helping guildies out, whether your level 8, or 80. If your level 7 or under, go screw yourself. Just kidding.

APB- Just wasn’t for me, felt like a multiplayer FPS, not an MMO.

Star Trek Online – I’m a huge Star Trek Fan, though the game has ALOT of faults, nothing like my Bird of Prey Decloaking and blasting a Fed ship in the behind while he’s trying to fight off Borg. Qap’la!

WAR – There’s some rumblings of some news coming soon, I’m keeping my ear to the ground.

High Latency Love –

Well Slurms from Multiplaying has invited me and Scarybooster on to a Podcast, when it’s out I’ll pimp it out, but I’m just honored he would ask me. I hope I perform well, maybe I should take a Viagra.

Pugnacious Priest comes here now and then, and comments. I know I’m one of the bad boys of the blogosphere, and sometimes I don’t play nice in the sandbox, so I wanted to thank her, and show some love….and maybe listen to her hot Aussie voice again. Yeah I listened to that Twisted Nether Podcast. 😉

Some Self Love – My other blog is looking for writers, whether you write a game blog, and want to get out of the box, or just a visitor who has a story to tell, drop me a line at cc096 (at) gmail(dot)com

Something Funny…

Law Abiding Engineer.

With that….


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. I was only on the intro.. never been interviewed – and bad boys need reforming….

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