Another Blow to RP

“If you wait by the River long enough, the body of your enemy will float by” ~ Sun Tzu

If you follow me, you know of my crusade, and that I believe Role Playing is a rotting carcass on most servers in WoW,  at best.  For all sorts of reasons, which I won’t bore you with again, role-playing should be killed off. One of them is the elitist attitudes of most RP’ers. The other one of them is all the smut floating around. Even though I am not adverse to smut. I think there is a difference in just reading about it, like my blog, to actually engaging it say like on a game. I felt bad for the  people who are unwilling, must endure this for lack of a better term “CRAP” in their starting zones like Goldshire. it’s so bad the common term is “Pornshire” on some of these servers.   Well it looks like I was kind of in the right, and Blizzard took notice, and will now prosecute my war for me. 

Though I am pleased by this, Is this the death knell for an already ailing RP in World of Warcraft?

Thanks to Zelmaru, and Pugging Pally for pointing it out to me.

4 Responses to “Another Blow to RP”

  1. Haahaa you fucking perv RPers! You give us real world pervs a bad name. Now, show me your tits!

  2. elleseven Says:

    My daughter recently rolled a DK on Moon Guard to be with firends. I asked why on earth would she go on a RP server. She said nobody role plays on Horde side that she has noticed, but it is a very happening social server. So much so that it is always has realm FULL on the list of servers when I switch to go to my LOW server. Maybe its just the Alli side that is smutty lol.
    When I first started playing years ago I remember the apple barrels at Halloween and how people would take off their clothes and have these hot tub parties in Goldshire. I wonder if that would be banned now?

  3. Omg make Blizzard quit godmodding!

    • theerivs Says:

      As a side note most of those RP’er bloggers who ranted and raved against us, don’t even blog anymore.

      Here we are still standing strong 🙂

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