Nutting but a G Thang Baby!

So I installed APB, and here are some thoughts.


1. Graphics – I was pretty impressed. Pretty smooth.

2. Gameplay – It was fun, I was a criminal and it played alot like Grand Theft Auto.

3. Fluff – Alot of different things to do, have. From the Cars playing your favorite toons.

4. It’s addicting – Well for me, cause I like being a criminal.

Dislike –

1. Bugs – Like there was a bug in the character creation that was REALLY annoying. I couldn’t really create the person I wanted to create. So I was stuck with a random. It was for a test so I let it go.

2. No real sense of advancement – Even after a few levels, nothing really new or I didn’t feel more powerful. I don’t know maybe I had to play alot longer for that, but even other MMO’s after a few levels I get some new spells, or toys to play with.

3. UI – A little on the chaotic side I thought.

4. Driving – Fricking hard to get used too. I rammed ALOT of walls to stop.

5. Feels like a Multiplayer Grand Theft Auto not an MMO. – Nuff said.

Bottomline – I might be sticking around this game because it is fun so far, but will I be sticking around long. I don’t think so. If you like Grand Theft Auto, it’s definately worth a look see for you. If you didn’t like that series, might want to move along, before I shank you

2 Responses to “Nutting but a G Thang Baby!”

  1. You have to hit the Advanced button at the bottom of the screen during character creation to get out of the premade randomization.

    Every 3 levels of being pledged to a contact they send you shit in the mail. Guns mostly. There’s also an auction house in the social district to buy more shit.

    Finish the boss for an organization (get all contacts to 3, and the boss to 6) and you get a level 3 character upgrade. Those make a significant difference. Takes a fair bit of time.

    I’m a Criminal on Zombie as Silverel

  2. Pitrelli Says:

    hmm I found it a very poor game if Im honest, so much scope but plays very much like a poor mans GTA

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