Pon Farr

Pon Farr is the only reason I can explain why I reupped for Star Trek Online.  I love Star Trek. I know one should really pick a side, either Star Trek, or Star Wars, I can’t help it I love them both. Star Trek will always have special place in my heart, many a Sunday night growing up staying up to watch it, when I should of been in bed. That and Benny Hill, maybe that’s why I’m so screwed up.

I really love the Klingons, and their warrior way of life. One of my favorite games was Klingon Academy.

With everyone talking about it again, I thought I would give it another shot, plus I bought the damn collector’s edition. So I logged in, downloaded 3440 MB worth of patches, and fired up the Bird of Prey.

And got my Qap’la kicked in, but I only played a few games, and I’m really rusty. I didn’t have a chance to check out the new stuff, but I will in the next few days.

I also got a buddy key in APB from a friend of mine, I’ll be checking that out. I also got an admin message from my guild, little wierded out about that, and I can’t get that work so I got to wait until I get home. Maybe they found out I’m a blogger, and want to boot me.

For now I want to kick some Federation ass.

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