Weekly Lagout

Well I’m going to see Korn, and Rob Zombie tonight so I’m pretty stoked.

WoW – I bought a Hog, and now am a Badass. I think I’m going to join the Hellscream Angels, Ride around Azeroth, and just be a total douchebag now…cause I got a Hog, Bitches. Err..well anyway back to the gold grind, got to replace that gold I spent. Also I really need to start farming Baron Rivendare’s mount with my Pally now, I hear he’s going “Bye Bye” in Cataclysm.  Also I am a pubic hair away from getting exalted with Ashen Verdict. I want that last ring son of a…

Starcraft 2 – This is very interesting…

Other Games..A buddy is going to send me a buddy key for APB, I’m gonna try to check it out might have to wait until after the weekend. Star Trek is still calling my name, that might get a resub as well.  Qap’la

High Latency Love –

Scary made me realize today I have a Man Crush on Syp. Just thought I would share. Plus Syp talking bout STO again is getting to me. DAMN HIM!

Calling all mages report to the forums.

Self love – I’m trying more writing here’s my website. Way of the Chosen, I’m writing a story about a Warhammer Chosen, I’ll have other stories there in the near future as well.

Something Funny….

What NPC’s really think of heroes…

Something Just Fricking Awesome….

Might be better then Viagra, so Click on me….

With that….


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