Why I Blog, and Why is this Blog Here.

After reading Syp’s Post, and Ysharro’s post it got the juices flowing as to I want to explain what my purpose here, essentially why am I blogging, and the purpose of this blog, (I have other blogs, which fulfill a different purpose)

Lets start off with the basics,

Why I Blog….

1. I like to write – Well Damn I got 3 Blogs, which I post nearly everyday, except when I take breaks. Am I a good writer, no I don’t think so. I just write, and that’s what a writer does. Though I have improved alot over my lifetime, and I think blogging has helped in that regard.

2. I am an attention whore – I’ll be honest. It doesn’t matter if you like me, or hate me as long as your paying me attention.  I think it’s like Johnny Depp said as Capt Jack Sparrow, when the officer said, “You are the worst pirate I ever heard of”  and Jack’s reply was, “Ah, but you have heard of me.”

3. I like sharing ideas with others – Through blogging I met some wonderful people, and it spurs me on to keep doing it. It recently also allowed me to help someone else spread their wings.

4.The Chicks – Still waiting for this to kick in…any day now….any day now.. Ok maybe not so much

Why this blog is here…

1. Entertainment – My main focus is entertainment. I am not here to reinvent the wheel, I write this blog so I hope that you get a chuckle from my stupid antics, or for you guys a little eye candy never hurts…but I’m going to let you on a little secret, every picture has something to do with the post…albiet the thread might be small, but I pride myself on not just posting pictures of hot babes (sometimes transsexuals lol)  for no reason.  Do I try to be informative,when I can sure, but that’s the end all, be all of my existence. Are you not entertained?

2.My Opinion – I’ve been playing games most of my life from Pong, to World of Warcraft and beyond, and I got alot to say, I needed a place to say it.

3.My Dream – I had a dream to be a video game programmer, and do to real life that dream was never fulfilled. This blog allows me to be a voice within the industry that I love, sure my voice is like that of a church mouse at a million man march, but ya know what Mythic sent me a bone with a code on it, that I was allowed to share with my readers…So that’s a bigger part of this industry I played then if I didn’t have a blog.   

So just a little more inside look at what I do, and why I do it.  Tomorrow Bee is on deck, I hope she has a bunch of stories of drunken debauchery, and nude beaches.

One Response to “Why I Blog, and Why is this Blog Here.”

  1. […] and while I do write mostly for myself, I guess I’m not entirely immune to what Rivs calls being an attention whore. Though I prefer to think of myself as an attention high-class-escort, thank you very […]

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