Free 2 Play vs Subscription

EQ2 is going to a hybrid type mode of payment. It had me thinking.

I’m not all for the Free 2 play model. Here’s why…With Subscription it’s one set amount a month, no ups, no extras. I knew what I was getting. I can budget. On another note, I have never liked any of the Free2Play games yet.

With Free 2 Play, sure it’s free this month, but next month it might cost me 60 dollars to get the content I want. So over a course of the year it actually may exceed the price of the subscription based model. That’s what companies are looking for I’m sure.

WoW is Subscription now. 15 bucks a month I get everything I need to play the game. Sure they have sparkly horses but I don’t need those, or HAVE to pay for it.

The arguement here is do I have self control, and willpower to play a free2play game I like without going nuts and spending the farm?

I think we all know the answer to that….


3 Responses to “Free 2 Play vs Subscription”

  1. I know how bad my self control is. I played Archlord for a few months, and I just went crazy. They had these potions. I think that is what they were that made you basically invisible. It increased my ability to earn xp ten fold. It became so addicting I couldnt play without it. I think I ended up spending several hundred dollars in 3 months.

  2. Aye, item shops and microtransactions require self control. That’s one reason why it’s important to offer a sub model as another option, rather than trying to do “one size fits all”.

    I personally detest the sub model, but y’know, it really is best for some players, so it should be an option.

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