Starcraft 2: Decision Time

It’s out now. Starcraft 2. I find it hard for me to shell out the money for it. Yeah I preordered  the Collector’s Edition. After playing the beta though I have to say I wasn’t that impressed. Oh it is a solid RTS game, but I wasn’t blown away.

Perhaps I was blinded by Nostalgia. I loved the original Starcraft, and I was expected the same thing  just better graphics, and maybe awesomer units. Then as I played I realized it was the same thing, with just better graphics, and different units but it was just more of the same.

I think what made Starcraft one of the best games for me was at the time of my life before MMO’s it allowed me to interact with players, locally, and internationally. It was also a time when I first started getting into network games, and playing over LAN’s. To here the screams of my friends as I crush them with my army.

Now those friends are gone, and the great memories linger, and as I play Starcraft…the magic I sought to rekindle just isn’t there.

Do I slap down 100 bucks (actually 90) for the single player game alone, which I will play through, or do I just move past this one, chalking it up as just a pipe dream.  Is it a great game, sure it is….is it for me still. I don’t know.

I just don’t know.

7 Responses to “Starcraft 2: Decision Time”

  1. Aren’t you already paying Blizzard to suck out monthly portions of your soul anyway? You don’t owe them nostalgia tax.

  2. I havent really ever been a big fan of RTS games *shrug* so I cant understand the big hype around Starcraft 2.

    In saying that since I started playing MMOs and WoW in particular I’ve found I have less and less fun in other games anyway so my opinion has probably been taited or brainwashed. I guess I just like controlling one guy and having more of an impact individually which MMOs deliver.

  3. doh! *tainted*

    I need a coffee

  4. While I may have been a zerg-rushing freak in years passed, I was very underwhelmed by SC2.

    I don’t know what I was really expecting from it, I just know that whatever it was I didn’t find it. It’s basically the same game we had before with a new paint job.

    Games are more than just their graphics. Look at games of our past. Pacman, Zelda, even Pong – it’s the gameplay that makes those games good, not the graphics (or complete lack thereof). If you just spice up the graphics we’re still playing the same game, but those fancy new graphics only go so far.

    Zelda still rocks just as much today as it did back then, the graphics aren’t important. Take a game with awesome graphics for it’s time that sucked to play, and you’ll see that it still sucks today even with those graphics. I can’t think of one off hand because I clearly didn’t enjoy them enough to bother remembering their names.

    Gameplay is the key and I find nothing in SC2 that thrills me so much that I would buy it and actually put any serious amount of play time into it. I play WoW today because I started with WC/WC2/WC3, I’ve enjoyed the evolution of play from one game to another and I like what we got to do with the change from WC-WoW since I’m more of an RPG fan than an RTS fan anyway.

  5. Like you, I played the beta and I will not be picking up my copy. I discovered I am an MMO gamer now. I loved the years of Age of Empires and other RTSs, but that time is over. I get sick of collecting materials as fast ad I can

  6. I feel thje same way as you do. I did chose to pass on SC2 as the $60 times three cost didn’t sit well. Yeah, yeah, I know I’m spending more than that on WoW. I was also in the SC2 beta and lost interest there months ago. I would like to see the SP campaign so I’m ready with the lore for Blizzcon annoucment for World of Starcraft. 🙂

  7. I am about an hour from picking up the game. I never played the first SC, I was stationed overseas and didn’t even own a computer back then. I’ve heard good things about the single player campaign; I at least hope it will tide me over till Cataclysm and then to SWTOR.

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