In Defense of MMO’s

Keredria of Tree of Life  coupled with a real life incident touched a nerve.

My Brother, and Mom were sitting at the Kitchen table we were talking and I said, “Well I have to go I have a Raid”. They both looked at me like I was from Mars, and busted out laughing, and making fun of me.

Why must I defend my hobby, time after time. If I said, “I have to go, I’m going to watch a movie”  They wouldn’t of flinched.  Time after time I see them in front of the TV just becoming more vegetable like.  I don’t even own a TV, if I want to watch something I might Hulu it, or wait for it on DVD.

I got into MMO’s in a point of my life where I was really down in the dumps, and had a lot of time on my hands. They say that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. I shudder to think where I would be if I didn’t have MMO’s in my life, what path I would take, but I digress

So if I was arguing the merits of MMO’s to a non MMO player this is what I would say…

1. Sociable – I have garnered friends from across the globe. I have met several of them in real life. It has brought me closer together to coworkers, and enriched my life immensely from sharing stories, or exchanging ideas with people whose walk of life is very different then my own.

2. It increases my team working skills – To get anything seriously done either in PvP, or PvE you need to be part of a team whether it’s 5 mans, or Battlegrounds. Whatever your role is in an MMO, whether it is Healer, Tank, DPS, or Hybrid. You have a job to execute to bring success to the team.

3. Active Entertainment versus Passive – I am taking an active part of the story, building my own future so to speak. Where as in watching TV, or a Movie we are just watchers, voyeurs if you will. This Active part I am playing also stimulates the mind, and a stimulated mind is a healthier one…among other organs that like to be stimulated.

4. Learning – You have to read, do math, realize there are consequences to your actions….Because of MMO’s and the people I play with, and associate with on a daily basis I can honestly say I am a better person for it.

5. Entertainment dollars go farther – Movies cost 10 dollars for bout 2 hours of entertainment, an MMO costs roughly 15 dollars, and the average player I would say play around 5-10 hours a week. That is  alot of bang for the buck. By the way TV isn’t free that much these days anymore, how much is your cable/satellite/etc bill?

Any other ideas you would toss at someone who laughed when you told them you were an MMO player?

9 Responses to “In Defense of MMO’s”

  1. I wish I could have shown the border/customs agent this post when I was looking to be granted access to Canada for my guild meetup last week.

    Apparently it is extremely suspicious for a girl to go meet her World of Warcraft friends.

    I’ll give some more details in my Thursday post.


    On a side note: I completely agree with you here. Unfortunetly, for those that haven’t played an MMO, they just don’t really understand.

  2. I’ve given up apologizing for who I am and what I do. If people can’t get over it, it’s not worth my time to educate them. I have more important things to do.

    Curiously, I’m all for making the industry itself less idiotic and an easy target… but personally, it’s just not worth the time to correct jerks.

  3. A family dinner at a local club ended up with half of them running towards the pokie machines, after they had already mocked me with ” we never see you – your probably gaming all the time” So I told them I couldn’t work out why their mindless staring at pretty numbers and revolving wheels and pressing buttons was better then gaming?

  4. I am with Tesh on this on. at some point you just gotta stop trying to make everyone understand. if they want to continue to have their unsubstantiated biases then let them.

  5. Legolas4Life Says:

    They laughed because it was a pretty nerdy ass thing to say. All your points are valid, but they are sort of irrelevant. Think of it like this. Say your brother or best friend was at the table and said he had to go to ballet practice. You would probably crack a joke at him. Obviously, there are benefits to the sport and such but it has a perception as being a certain way. In this case, girly. For your case, the perception is nerdy. No need to get defensive about it. Just accept it and move on.

  6. Honestly, I haven’t been in this position for so long that I forget how awkward it is. Basically, having a kid has given me a free pass. “Sorry, kiddo has bedtime” when really it’s “kid goes to bed, mommy goes to RAID.”

    I don’t know why people have to be so judgmental of other people’s hobbies. I think a lot of things are dumb but keep my damn mouth shut.

  7. It’s my experience too that MMO’s are stigmatized, amongst non-gamers and gamers alike, which is a shame.

    I agree with your points above, and I can add some info for you: The average MMORPG gamer plays an average of 21 hours and watches around 7.7 hours of tv a week, the (american) national average for tv watching is 28. (Source:
    What’s funny about that?
    – That the average gamer just displaces some tv watching time in an MMO instead.

    That’s the statistic I use when I get “the look”, and when I tell them, they always nod and say they can easily see this being the case.

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