Fan Fiction

An ex-guildie Myss made a fan fiction site, check it out.

It also inspired me to put more of my stuff up. So I am making my old blog Way of the Chosen, a repository for my writing. I posted the Prologue to a Story I’ve been working on called I, Chosen.  A story about how a man does become a champion of the Ruinous Powers.

Also on there I will be putting some World of Warcraft work, and maybe some ideas from Star Trek, or Star Wars as well.

I hope you like it.

One Response to “Fan Fiction”

  1. myssidia Says:

    =D More shameless plugs! ^^ Thanks for the good word… If I still posted and/or had *any* readers on my other blog, I’d do the same for you… unfortunately… I don’t and it probably wouldn’t cause your readers to spike like mine did after you Krikket put in a good word for me. =] I’ll most certainly add yours to my blogroll though

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