I’m not a monster….

Though I play one in video games…

Me and Meta had a little discussion, and she explained to me what she was trying to do when she showed my blog to the world as an example. I wish he had this discussion earlier.  She is right, women do face alot of problems in the world, but the world isn’t a perfect place, and perhaps I believe it will never be perfect. I admire her for trying at least, even though I think it’s futile.

Will we ever see eye to eye, probably not. I like scantily clad women too much. I will give her this much she did give me food for thought today.

Will I ever learn the problems, the trial, the tribulations of being a women, no not unless I get the surgery in Thailand. In my world view it take’s more then a penis to be a man, you must stand up for the principles you believe in, but does that give me the right to trample the principles of another. No it doesn’t. To be a man you have to do what is right, even when the right thing isn’t popular.

For my part, I apologize to Meta, and the Empowered Fire crew for the harsh words, and rhetoric I used.  I hope some day we can see eye to eye, but for now I’m happy just to agree to disagree.

Ok Let’s put this shit behind us, and tomorrow get back to what we want around and talk  games, tomorrow we’re gonna talk some Starcraft, and hang out with our wangs out.

5 Responses to “I’m not a monster….”

  1. Dude no one can be judge jury and executioner…… well except for judge dredd of course.

    Anyway what I’m saying is stick to your guns, right or wrong its what defines you.

    If someone doesnt like it? Tough shit. A hell of a lot of what you say is in jest and indeed tongue in cheek and hell thats probably why a lot of readers return to read your stuff. You say stuff how you see it and back shit up. If someone takes issue with a word like ‘whorelock’ then indeed they have issues.

    So yeah get those balls off the chopping board and let people grow a thicker skin or dare I say a sense of humour

    • theerivs Says:

      Oh by no means did I say they were right, I just apologized for my behaviour, calling a girl a whiny bitch…is a little too far.

      And by no means am I going to stop being who I am…

      Bottomline it’s for the greater mage community I do this. To be the bigger man.

      Oh sir well played Judge Dredd reference. I actually liked the movie. Where Arman Asanti goe to the robot, “We’re going to War!’ I get chills.

  2. It’s Monday and my Wang is out

  3. Hey, don’t get me wrong: I like pretty ladies, too. I just don’t like when my warrior who is supposed to be standing in front of a fire-breathing dragon is wearing a midriff, you dig? Anyone with half a brain would wear a full set of armor. 😉

    I appreciate the apology and the discussion we had today. I would even be amenable to talking more about our experiences with discrimination and how that can affect broader sections of society if we’re both bored during the day again.

    Cheers, Rivs.

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