I don’t know if I can support the Mage Forums

I really love the idea of having a mage forums, and I thank Gazimoff for making them. I was prepared to support them all I could. Now though I don’t know if I can. He made Metaneira a moderator. He man-hating agenda, and blinded fanaticism makes her bias. I don’t like fanatics as they see devils behind every rock.  I mean she got offended at “Whorelock” are you serious. lighten the hell up.

So I can’t see how I can support something that starts off by putting what I pretty much associate as a fascist in charge. I’m sorry. Until she is not moderator anymore I will not support the forums. 

Which is a shame, for I thought it was a nice place to meet new mages, and share ideas.I will give Gaz..72 hours, to reconsider and find someone else, but after that I will remove all reference to Mana Obscura, and the Forums from my blog.

**Edit:  I changed my mind, to leave and not show my support would be the cowards way out. I’m going to leave everything up, and still be a presence on the forums, because if I left that’s what Meta want, I will be a thorn on her side. One day she or Gaz may ban me, but that will be on them. I’m not going to be the kid who gets upset, and takes his ball home….Mages aren’t all uppity some of us are real fun. The new mages need to see that.

Oh and the pic is just to piss off Meta. 🙂

4 Responses to “I don’t know if I can support the Mage Forums”



    peeps like her make it tough for alot of people to be taken seriously by trolling places like that and hindering legitimate information transferring users.

    too bad.

    But good for you for takin your stand!

    Totems down, Hero up!

    • theerivs Says:

      You do realize where your by saying came from right? Totems up, Heros Down. It came from the gangsta rap saying “Pimps Up, Hoes Down” which is know for their well noted treatment of females.

      I have no problem with Meta in the forums, as she knows here stuff, but to have a facist in charge of the place, I can not stand for.

  2. I see both sides to this (no really, I do, I’m girly like that), but you’re not a “real” chauvanist so I find it hard to take your little comments as anything but jokes and I guess they just don’t offend me at all. At least not the off-hand comment you made on those forums.

    I just started reading MFIF and there are ridonkulous stories about how women call the cops about a peeping tom at 1am, and the cop asks her what she was doing out so late… or women trying to do their jobs being disbelieved (no, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, is there a man around?).

    Do you believe that a female doctor wouldn’t be able to read your X-rays? If so, then we have a problem and I hate you.

    P.S. I am a feminist and always have been, but not in the way you’re thinking. I think that anything you can do, I can do too, except maybe lift heavy stuff or pee standing up. And if we do away with “female” jokes, I’d hate to think about how we’d also have to do away with jokes about men being unable to ask for directions or replace toilet paper rolls.

    • theerivs Says:

      I love female doctors, heck I love them alot when their giving me hernia tests, Actually when it comes time for prostrate exams when I’m older I hope to get a female doctor. That would be hot…I’ll stop now.

      It’s not about chauvinism with me, I love women, and I love strong women that put me in my place. The biggest love of my life would always correct me when I’m bullshitting (she had a full time job) but I loved her even more when she called me on it. She once asked me if I would be a stay at home dad if she made more money, I said hell motherfucking yes. Those kids would be like little worker bees with me. Anywho I digress.

      What I hate is fanatics, and those that cling to -isms. These people just don’t see that I guess, I make an attack on the way they think, and they circle the wagons, as to instead thinking hey maybe I am to stringent here, maybe if I loosen up people will see my arguements for being good, and not for an attack on their way of life.

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