Weekly Lagout

WoW – I decided against the Hog bike, it is a waste of gold, even though it looks COOL as hell. Maybe if I reach 50k gold I’ll splurge…Otherwise just Mageing along, farming Live side Strat, and making Glacial Bags for gold.  On the Pally side, not much changed either, I decided I’m taking him Horde, I think a sexy Blood Elf female pally might be incoming.

High Latency Love

Kiss my Alas put my post up…go check it out, and show her some love.

Mana Obscura put up forums dedicated to the mages.  If your a mage go check it out…if your a whorelock piss off!

Something Funny –

Worgen Names.

Just a word about the word Whore –  The Feminist Agenda of WoW has struck the newly formed mage forums, saying whore is derogatory term towards women. Bullshit. It means someone who prostitutes. someone who is sexually promiscuous, or someone who compromises their principles for personal gain. I’m the later. I am on record saying I am a whore of different varieties. I have no shame of the fact I’ll sell my own kidney’s if the price is right.

Here’s my message to the Feminist Regime – Get the pole out of your ass, Life isn’t always about you, All men aren’t out to get you, fucking learn to take a joke, and for fucks sake quit being such whiny bitches, we might actually take you seriously for a change.

How’s that for derogatory?

With that….


One Response to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. Get yourself a hog!

    Its the best 12k I’ve spent although I am an engineer so I dont have to pay the other 4k. i’ll probably make another one for my Goblin Rogue as I’ve got over 20k sitting there with nothing to spend it on 🙂

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