Let’s talk about specs, baby!

Since Bee is on Vacation, and probably drunk staggering about somewhere. I will entertain you this day! Gnomey got me thinking of the specs I play and why.  So we’re going to discuss what I play, how I play, and why. 

My Forsaken mage is Rivzon, on Azgalor server, here’s the link (Thanks Kaylex

Specs –

Arcane  (57/3/11) – Is my raiding spec. Now to be honest I do like Arcane alot, back in the Vanilla days I was a 3 minute mage. Trinket/POW/POM/Pyro yea that was a macro I used ALOT. What I like about Arcane is it’s like a gear shifter. You start off in low gear, grinding trash perhaps middle gear, then boss time High gear unload. To get a glimpse of how I play arcane look at the movie Scarface, the scene where he goes, “Meet my little friend”, and just blasts things, my face takes on that maniacal look as well. Plus you get lazers, “Pew Pew Pew”  My Arcane spec has Incanters Absorption, and I might move those points elsewhere now like Slow, but I’ve been just lazy.

Frost (18/0/53) – Personally I love frost, I leveled as frost when frost was uncool. Yep I was that mage in Redridge AOEing Gnolls in Vanilla. Frost had a stigma to it. Not as good for Raiding, I understand that, but I still love the vibe of the spec.thanks to duel spec now I can enjoy Frost doing my non raiding stuff like heroics, grinding, PvP, I am frost. My spec isn’t a true Frost PvP spec, but that’s ok. It suits me well.

Fire – I am just not good at it, plus my gear selection is more catered to Arcane/Frost so though I have dabbled in fire, I have never stayed that way for too long.

Arcane/Shatter Spec (51/0/20)  Thanks to Euripedes, I dabbled in this PvP spec, and it’s awesome and fun. I just missed my buddy Water Elemental.

Elementalist (0/??/??) – Get back to your little cave, we don’t want you hear anymore. Really? Anyone still playing this spec.

Gear– I am a haste whore. I was a haste whore before anyone was thinking of collecting haste gear. I remember way back when sporting 800 haste other mages were like holy crap. Now I’m at a measly 1066, I need moar! Why do I gear Haste, because both Arcane, and Frost benefit from it. I never really worried about hit, or mana regen. What I do suffer in is Spellpower, sometimes I wonder if I should dump some haste for SP, then after pondering it, I decide nope. Haste be good to me.  Fire takes a whole different mindset when gearing (crit/hit) thus I feel it doesn’t mesh with the other specs well.  As you see by my gear as well if it has haste on it, I use it such a piece here and there of PvP gear.  I haven’t found a trinket better the the Abyssal Rune yet, I’ve been thinking the Wintergrasp trinket has more haste, but that spellpower on the Rune is still better. That’s my biggest dilemma.  Now I should use Rawr to optimize my gear, but I am lazy as all hell.

The thing that worries me the most about cataclysm is the stat changes, being a haste whore where will that leave me after Cataclysm hits, cause I heard talks of Haste not effecting spell speed anymore, just mana regeneration.

How I play –  That’s simple, I’m suicidal crazy mofo that loves corpse piles, and when things go BOOM!

2 Responses to “Let’s talk about specs, baby!”

  1. Do you ever find yourself switching to frost spec in PvE to kite crap, or is that kinda unnecessary? I’m thinking of encounters in ICC when you have to control adds, etc.

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