Back in the Saddle Again

Well I’m back. Here is a picture of my mohawk, and pirate outfit if you doubt me. Some people said I looked like I was going to puke. Nevah I am a professional. Others said I looked like a Pirate Zombie, I was just tired as all hell. At that point I’ve been drinking 8 hours straight.

So I logged into World of Warcraft last night, and it was a bleak landscape indeed. I was gone, but others decided on no showing as well. Raids were cancelled. I just feel like Starcraft 2 is going to take a chunk of the raiders away.

I fear my guild is on a precipice, and that we might teeter and fall into an abyss. I don’t want to abandon them cause they are very kind to me, and I started forging friendships here. No I will stick it out to the bitter end. It’s funny how I went from not raiding casual, to like one of the main mages raiding with these guys. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.

I have aquired some gold 20K plus, and I kind of want a mechano-hog….but the parts are never on my horde side AH, I’m gonna see on the Alliance side. I figured it would cost 6 grand for parts, and a guildie can do it for me for a tip. Alot better then the 16k price tag on the AH for a built Hog. Hell the goblin in me is really upset I’m even thinking of spending the gold on the parts to build out…..but the badass in me wants one.

5 Responses to “Back in the Saddle Again”

  1. The mechanohog takes 12,500g worth of raw mats bought from vendors that give no faction discounts.

  2. Abandon ship captian! Roll alliance on Rexxar arg matey!

  3. The hog is totally worth every gold.

  4. If you are an engineer you can salvage some hog parts from a boss in Uldar, unfortunately though its rare to see them on AH.

    But yeah agree with Arioch it is sooooooo worth it, especially if you quest/pvp with a mate who can sit in the side car 🙂

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