Rules for Duels.

Showing a little Pugnacious Priest love.

Riv linked the post below, and stole my buns of thunder here… but anyways….

That is my Paladin.  And she loves her pink panties and chaps.

+19 strength never looked so good.

A few days ago I am jumping around on the Orgrimmar roof on my Paladin alt, waiting for my battleground queue to pop.  I see another 39 Paladin pass by me and whisper to see if he would like to duel.  He obliges and it’s off to Durator with us.  This Paladin had quite a bit more stamina then me (as I have made a point to stack strength as I had been rolling with a guild priest who is a mighty fine healer). It was a pretty intense battle; we were both down pretty far in our HP pools. He stuns me; I pop my bubble, stun him, swing my axe and win.  I was then regaled with “Bubble is cheating!” “BOA gear is for losers!!” “Enchanted gear noob!” 

Now, I worked hard to grind out those triumph badges for my BOA gear, so I take no offense to his opinion there.  But his comment that a Paladin bubbling during a duel is “cheating” made me start to think.  Is this something that is a no-no in a duel?  Sometimes when I duel a Paladin on my Priest, they will bubble (which of course gets dispelled post-haste) … and sometimes I see no bubble.  I always just figured the reason I didn’t get the bubble was either that it was on cool-down or that the Paladin was smart enough to know it’s fairly useless versus a Disc Priest’s Mass Dispel and would opt to use Divine Protection instead.  

So my first question to the readers – is it inappropriate for me to use Divine Shield in a duel? 

I then want to take this a step further.  What other talents for other classes are unacceptable to use in a duel?  It’s a weird concept for me to think about – not being able to use all spells at my disposal to help me defeat an enemy.  On my Priest I use any and everything.  If I’m out of mana I won’t hesitate to throw out my Shadowfiend or try to get off a Hymn of Hope.  Hell, I may even try to do both at the same time.   

 First, obvious dueling faux pas: 

  • Popping health/mana potions during combat.
  • Retaining non-class buffs.

Second, abilities/buffs generally believed to be inappropriate for use in duels:

  • Preparation
  • Readiness
  • Lay on Hands
  • Flasks (which I believe are appropriate if, and only if, you are an alchemist – if you chose that as your profession, you should never be without the extra it provides – saying you couldn’t use it would be like telling a herbalist they can’t use LifeBlood)

Now, I open up the discussion.  What else do you see to be faux-pas in a duel?  Should any of these things be inappropriate?  Should we look to arena rules to know what is fair and what is not fair?   

Also, on a side note: 1.) Yes, I got a little hyperlink-happy in this post – You wanna fight about it? 2.) I will be out-of-town next week, so no posting for me. Hope everyone has a great week! 

22 Responses to “Rules for Duels.”

  1. Delerius Says:

    Hey, life is PvP. No holds barred. Potions, flasks, engineering trinkets, if I have it I am going to use it mercilessly and I expect nothing less of my opponents.

    • I love this philosophy! I actually agree with you completely. I think if I’m lucky enough to have a buff from another class and you can’t dispel it then f-you. Also, if I want to waste my money on a potion for some stupid duel, that’s on me. I really think the QQing we see is just sour sports.

      • QQ just means you suck even more than you did when you lost the duel. If you can’t handle getting owned every now and then, then you shouldn’t be involved in PvP in the first place.

    • shadowwar Says:

      Exactly. Similar concepts are seen in any MMO with PvP, or any PvP game at all really. The only true rules are those in place by the game. Use everything you have, and so will I, and in the end, there can be no bitching.

  2. You should be able to shield. People use it in PvP all the time. That is like saying I can MC you as Priest and throw you the hell off a cliff. If we are dueling near a cliff, your ass is going down. Have fun corpse running lol. All I see as a no no is pots

    • I love this and wish I had thought about it when I was talking with that asshole. 🙂

      • Rule 1: duel near cliff
        Rule 2: MC breaks very quick so get close to edge.
        Rule 3: try not to pee yourself when they ragdoll off cliff

      • Throwing people off of cliffs as a druid/shaman/fire mage is only bested by mind controlling them on a priest and forcing them to run off themselves. I rolled a priest specifically to do just that.

      • Oh, I love to steal kill shots from the rogue in our guild by mind controlling an ally at the Lumber Mill and making them walk off the edge to their doom. It also really can fuck with an enemy if you mind vision them. I’ve had people stop and de-mount to try and find who is hitting them.

  3. I don’t consider anything to be breaking the rules for a duel. The objective is for one person to win and one person to lose. If we agree pre-duel that certain abilities aren’t going to be used, then that’s fine. I had a ret pally duel my mage that complained that I healed. What did I use to heal? The glyph of Evocation. It was perfectly fine for him to heal with JoL and DS (or whichever one heals), but I can’t use a glyph? Whatever. I didn’t even need the health, I was frost and kiting his nub face all over Gadget, I just needed the mana because it was our 3rd duel in a row without me getting mana back between matches.

    If you want to blow a potion during a duel, then by all means go right ahead. If you need to spend money to beat me then that’s you’re problem, not mine. If you’ve got buffs from other classes or still under the influence of your flask, then who am I to say you need to cancel them. If I beat you then I beat the odds, and if I lose then it’s my fault for starting/accepting the duel in the first place.

  4. theerivs Says:

    WTF I gotta work next Thursday!!!

    I really don’t duel that much, as a’s usually a waste. But if you click duel out of the blue with me, I might turn off non class buffs, but I’m pretty much going AS-IS

  5. I’m not a big dueler but I have to agree that anything u can use to survive should be ok – unless predetermined rules like u agree to no pots exist. And glad to see u like the metal plated g as my as I do

  6. I think the duel etiquette you lined out is solid.

  7. Yea, I got yelled at by a cocky death knight one time when I kicked his butt on my enhancement shaman. He cried like a 6 year old about the spirit wolves. The funny thing is that when he dueled me again, the wolves were on cooldown and I still kicked his teeth in.

  8. Legolas4Life Says:

    I remember dueling Riv’s prot warrior outside of Gruul’s lair with my holy paly. It was the longest, boring’est fight of all time.

  9. If it’s fit for Arenas, it’s fit for dueling. Rather simple philosophy.

  10. […] Before he unsubscribed we had been working on leveling some new characters; him a hunter and I a Paladin.  Paladins are much less button spam now, which makes running instances a lot more tollerable […]

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