Tales of a Tanking Bitch

First off I stole this picture from the Pugnacious Priest. I knew there was some indecent clothing options for female models, like a dress from AQ that left nothing to the imagination,  but whoa….even I am shocked at this, not appalled…just shocked.

Ok two stories my pally is sitting at level 77, and has 526 defense. So I go into a dungeon, and a few of the people there comment on my gear.

The healer goes, “Whoa a real tank”

A huntard goes, “Yea he’s decked out in defense gear, not bad”

What kind of tanks run lower level dungeons really? I take my job seriously, and I am trying to hit def cap before 80 . It just has me wondering what kind of crappy ass tanks are running these lower level dungeons.

So as you all may or may not know I reside on a RP-PvE server called Feathermoon. The most boring server…EVER! Not just because of the crappy role playing.  I can’t kill other players, the people there are just boring, even trade chat sucks.  So I frequent the Role Players hang out spots to laugh at them. I usually queue from this inn in Stormwind. In between I catch snippets of RP. Last night some snippets I caught.

“I am a Gladesman, but I came to Stormwind to seek my fortune”…What they hell in Warcraft lore is a Gladesman?

“The food here is quite good”…It’s fake food for crying out loud!

“My that is a lovely tunic you have on”….Tunic? Really? It’s a cloak…geez.

“The Beer in Ironforge is better” – /facepalm.

One of the gent’s emoted that he looked at me curiously, I emoted Rasp…

I need to get my Pally on a PvP Server ASAP, and Kill things….oh and make it a female toon so I can look at her butt all day. So Bee is here tomorrow, maybe she will show us her butt.

4 Responses to “Tales of a Tanking Bitch”

  1. I swear to God. I come in with a post ready to go, with an image. And you are always setting them up.

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