Confessions of a Scumbag Ganker

I have a confession, I gank people. I rather enjoy it. Now some people have their arguments, like there is no challenge, I’m a virtual bully, or I’m just a plain old dick.

And they are right. I am what they say I am.

1. There is no challenge. – It’s plain killing to kill. evil in its best form. Taking delight in the fact that I disrupted them, they have to walk back, and rez. There is no REAL penalty. It’s just an inconvenience, and any way I can inconvenience my enemy well I’m rather pleased. The Challenge comes in when I hope they get their mains, or call in their friends so I can kill them too.

2. Virtual Bully – Yes I am. I am 80, I am way higher than them in level usually. You know what though back when I was leveling, or even today when I’m leveling my alts. I’ve been the victim, and I vow when I turn 80, I will make them suffer as I have. That’s part of being at war and part of being on a PvP server. I love it when people complain, and some random goes. “QQ moar pvp server”  That’s why I like PvP servers, I play horde, some asshat alliance takes your node….kill the mofo. It feels good.  I don’t like carebears, I don’t want to live in peace. I want to sew chaos, and spread my hate to all corners of azeroth.

3. Plain Old Dick – To those who deserve it, to those who are my friends I will bend over backwards for them.

The Method to my Madness…

Ok so I gank, I do not corpse camp, unless I’m sieging a city. Then that’s just going to happen, plenty of places to hide in a city from me though. How I get my rage out I pick a zone like say Southshore, and I might lay siege to the city, then do a patrol around the area, ride around kill everything red to me. Then go about my business.

I envision myself as a virtual version of Wyatt Earp in the movie Tombstone, shouting as I ride….”Tell them I’m coming, and Tell them Hell is coming with me! You hear me? Hell is coming with me!!”

Why I do it….

I have issues…..’nuff said.

One Response to “Confessions of a Scumbag Ganker”

  1. Legolas4Life Says:

    I see nothing wrong here. If you were corpse camping, then it would be a different story, but you’re not so it’s cool. Back in Daoc, me and Enabran would camp the road out of Midguard for hours. Greens, grays, yellows, were all taken if they came upon us. Then, I would usually let them pass right by me on their next try through. I got my +1, time to let them move on.

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