Some other games…

APB – I probably will check that out. I have a thing for chicks with guns.

Star Trek Online – Ok let’s get something straight I hate Cryptic with a PASSION, but I did pay fricking 80 dollars for the Collectors Edition, I should play it a little more then the free month. Think I might up a couple bucks and check them out this weekend.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Yep this is the game I’m waiting for. I hope the hype lives up to the actual game

Some other games I’ll be checking out.

The New Medal of Honor – I got a Beta Invite.

Force Unleashed: Sith Edition – Force Unleashed 2 Trailer looks so awesome I want to check this game out.

Dawn of War 2 – I love Warhammer, but I love money more so I think it’s reasonably priced now to check it out.

I bought Saint Row 2 some time ago, never played it. I think I’m gonna load it up…did I mention I like chicks with guns…yea I do.

6 Responses to “Some other games…”

  1. I heard if you play a female in Mass Effect 2, you can get some girl on girl with guns action.

    • theerivs Says:

      According to some people around here *cough* Bee * cough* I already have gender issues, Don’t need to give her ammo.

      • Yeah so, I guess I could take some time to discuss gender issues… but instead I’d rather just let you know that APB in the world of Bee stands for “Artificial Pants Boner.” You know that little hump you get in jeans cause of the zipper??

      • theerivs Says:

        LOL! That’s great. I never heard that. I know what it is, but never heard someone call it that.

  2. ohai… a battle bikini irl!

  3. Girls with guns are hot. Pamela Anderson comes to mind.

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