Funny Moments in Vent

Some of the fun moments in WoW come when talking with people over something like Ventrilo, Teamspeak, or even the WoW chat system. These are the moments that make the game enjoyable. There are many of these moments that come to mind, but a few that are legendary that I have to share.

Back in the Vanilla Black Wing Lair Days, with my guild on Thunderlord, the Kindred Spirits, we had the place on farm. We were at the drakanoids right before Nefarion just relaxing.  Then Gort, a Pally who was drinking, just pops up, run towards them screaming, “GO TEAM GO!” He died pretty much instantly, but as we were killing the draks, he was screaming the whole time “GO TEAM GO” It was classic history in our guild, and got Gort demoted to the Guild Drunk.

Some time ago we had a meeting, and a guildie was complaining about fish feasts, he said everyone should take up fishing and contribute. I don’t use fish feast usually, I use Imperial Manta Ray, I love Haste, so  I told him in Vent, “Fishing, I got an idea for ya….FUCK YO FISH!”  So whenever I see him or someone drops a fish I say it.  

Last night was another funny moment in Vent, Someone said they had to the washroom, and someone who sounded just like Putricide, when someone said they had to take a leak, goes, “Wha?…..Good news everybody, I fixed the pee pipes”  Then at the Raid after I opened a portal to Stonard, a new guy screams, “Who the hell opened a portal to Stonard!”, Everyone was laughing, and a guildie goes, “Welcome to raiding with Rivs”   I was smiling ear to ear.

Just had me thinking, do you have any funny moments in Vent?

4 Responses to “Funny Moments in Vent”

  1. We used to have a guy who would do today impressions die in fire: you will not- it would make us laugh so hard we would usually stuff up the next attempt so today was only bought out as a reward

  2. That was yoda impressions – stupid auto correct on iPhone

  3. this one time a guildie announced “i’ve got to drop the kids off at the pool” and another guildie just started talking about it in complete ignorance. They didn’t understand the phrase and began saying things like “isn’t it a little late to take children to the pool? thats kind of creepy actually. does that guy even have kids? maybe he meant pick them up from the pool. How many kids does he have?” it just went on like that with people interjecting and keeping it going until he got back.

  4. Nothing beats drunken vents. I think everyone has done it once.

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