Weekly Lagout

WoW– With all the Real ID craziness around here it was interesting, and they did back down.  I really wasn’t all that pissed to begin with, hell I could open a fake email address, and use game cards purchased with cash if I didn’t really want anyone to know my name. My name is on the blog, privacy is really an illusion this day and age, and the life I lead, really some lunatic hunting me down, and trying to kill me would really just be another day in my life. I just see it as the way things are going, and that makes me a little unhappy.

Do you really think Real ID is done for though, they will come back with us with something else. If you think “we won” your diluted, we won nothing….I didn’t see a check in the mail.

Some good news we fixed the slime pipes…er I mean i surpassed my 20k gold mark and still climbing. Also I still got to put up with sharing the internet with the Harlot Queen of RP Anna. Damn Blizzard for backing down! Damn them to hell!… Now Alliance must suffer this night.

WAR – I cancelled my account, not out of I hate the game, just more sick of the renown grind really. I’ll pick it up again at a later date.

Other games – I was hoping another game company would act fast on Blizzards snafu, and hammer something. Alas no they didn’t.

High Latency Love-

Some love for Scarybooster, Bee, and my friend Mike for helping me out on my personal blog. I needed a break they filled in for me, and had me laughing. Even though I never met them face to face, I consider them no less my friends. Thanks for helping out much love to you guys, and gal.

Some love to Syp of Biobreak, he slapped up my guest post about some things I learned about blogging along the way.  I am always honored when I do a guest post on someone’s blog. It’s like I get to come in your house…and mess things up. Thanks Syp, have fun cleaning up what I left in your tub.

Something Funny….

This would of been me if Real ID went live….

With that…


3 Responses to “Weekly Lagout”

  1. I had fun guest posting for you on your personal blog. There are somethings I would like to say, but my blog has been backed into the MMO gaming blog hole. I love blogging about MMOs, but sometimes I just want to talk about life and huge breasts. Bee, Mike, and you make real life stories fun to tell. Maybe someday, I will grow the balls to post what I want, not what my readers want. Thanks for the opportunity to express myself

  2. I think I did see one random MMO take a potshot or two on massively about blizzards privacy issues, but I can’t remember which game.

  3. You inspired me to make some gold for Cataclysm as well…I’m at 15k atm and inching up slowly…you should see some of the hate mail from my glyphing competitors! It’s very amusing to see them rage when I undercut them dramatically out of spite. After all, its not nice to call a lady names (and this was before the undercutting!) …there can be consequences 😉

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