Just like a Prayer

Lately, like a lot of others, I’ve been feeling a bit of burnout.  The only thing I find myself excited to do in-game is the daily random battleground. 

Oh, and wait for my mysterious egg to hatch into a green proto-drake. Of course the hatching only occurs once every week.  

The last two weeks worth of eggs have hatched into aged yolk.


So, atleast I’ve got that going for me.

I think it a mix of stale content in-game and the fact that many of my guild members have gone on hiatus until fall/cataclysm.  I’m not upset about it, I’ll just use this time to finish up the Argent Tournament questline (besting bitches all over Icecrown) and hopefully stack enough gold and mats to be comfortable when cataclysm comes around.  (Can’t wait to make my troll druid!).

I found some videos online via TankSpot zone previewing the new landscape of cataclysm. The changes to Orgrimmar look pretty cool.  That’s actually the only one I looked at, because I want to be surprised and shocked and awed when I can navigate through it myself.  If anyone else is interested though, there’s a link for you.

Lastly, I found this gem of gems the other day and thought I’d share.

I always suspected Obama played a priest.

4 Responses to “Just like a Prayer”

  1. theerivs Says:

    A Madonna song…really? What’s next Cindy Lauper montage of Girls just want to have fun. 😛

    Anywho yeah there seems to be a holding pattern in WoW, I was hoping Ruby Sanctum would add some excitement…not really.

    • Yeah, I agree. There is a lack of raids forming to even do RS on my server. I would like to try it at some point, but like I said, with alot of my guild members on hiatus, it’s become difficult to form raids.

  2. scarybooster Says:

    The game might hit the burner for me. I’m enjoying BioWare games. I’m playing KOTOR and Mass Effect 2 right now. I don’t feel the need to log into WoW and raid. Saturday might be the last of WoW for me for longtime if this Real ID crap doesn’t go away

  3. […] love for Scarybooster, Bee, and my friend Mike for helping me out on my personal blog. I needed a break they filled in for me, […]

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